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By Lori Taylor
Museum Curator 

Phillips County Museum News for July 12, 2017


What makes a “collector” and who are “collectors”. A dictionary response tells us that they are individuals who locate, acquire, display, store and maintain specific items.

Ask a collector why they collect and you might receive answers like “I have a love of these items”, or they hope “for financial gain”, or maybe just to “preserve a piece of the past for future generations.”

Now if you ask a spouse of a collector they may use words like “genetic defect”. I believe it is a basic human instinct to collect and save. The PC Museum displays are possible because of the many individuals and families who have saved items and generously donated to the museum.

Once again I say thank you Phillips County for your commitment to the past. On a side note – check out the July/August issue of the MONTANA magazine which is featuring the Montana Dinosaur Trail. Museum doors are open Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.


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