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By Mark Hebert
PCN Correspondent 

District Court recap


September 13, 2017

Dodson's LaWanda Jackson and Saco's Monte Broadbrooks each received similar probation sentences in Phillips County District Court in August after both pleaded guilty to felony charges, court records state.

The State of Montana vs. LaWanda Jackson

In March of this year, LaWanda Jackson was arrested and charged with alleged felony criminal child endangerment, misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol, and misdemeanor driving while suspended or revoked, initially pleading guilty. Jackson was again in court in August and following a plea agreement in which she pleaded guilty to the felony child endangerment charge, and in exchange (with the stipulations that she follow a total of 33 probation terms and conditions) the charges of misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol, and misdemeanor driving while suspended or revoked were dismissed, according to court records. The court shall defer imposition of the sentence for a period of three years on the terms and conditions of the probation.

On the day of her arrest, Jackson was found behind the wheel of a red van stuck in a ditch south of Dodson. Three law officials ended up at the scene, one of whom approached the driver’s side of the vehicle and immediately smelled alcohol. The officer talked with Jackson and stated that her eyes were bloodshot and she had alcohol on her breath. Jackson, after admitting she didn’t have a valid driver’s license, admitted to drinking alcohol before operating her vehicle. The officer administered a preliminary alcohol-screening test and Jackson gave a breath sample of .366 (the legal limit is under .08.) Jackson told the trooper that her children in the car were ages one and two. Jackson was placed under arrest and brought back to the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office where, after being advised of her Miranda rights, submitted a blood test and then told the Trooper she had “blacked out” and drove into the ditch.

The court records say that the criminal child endangerment is a “serious offense and the defendant needs to be held accountable. A deferred sentence is appropriate as it is her first felony. Included in the 33 probation stipulations, Jackson is placed under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, subject to all rules and regulations of adult probation and parole, prohibited from using firearms, prohibited from gambling, shall not purchase, possess or consume alcohol or alcoholic beverages.

The State of Montana vs. Monte Broadbrooks

In January of this year, Monte Broadbrooks was arrested and charged with allegedly stealing hydrocodone pills on several occasions and robbing money from a safe out of the house of a Saco man. Broadbrooks initially pleading not guilty to two counts of misdemeanor theft, and three counts of felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs, agreed to a plea agreement and changed his plea in March. Broadbrooks was back in court in August, this time to be sentenced for the crimes he admitted to.

Court records from Wednesday, August 16, state that Broadbrooks will receive a three years deferred sentence during which he will be subject a total of 34 terms and conditions of probation including being placed under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, prohibited from using firearm sand upon reasonable suspicion that he has violated any conditions of supervision, Broadbrooks must submit to a search of his person, vehicle or residence.

Court records state some of the reasons for the sentence as Broadbrooks has no prior criminal history, he is self-employed and can afford to pay his financial obligations and adds that one condition of his probation was removed as “the stolen tools were all recovered and returned to the owners so there is no restitution in this case.”


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