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By Mark Hebert

Memories for the Week of September 13, 2017


September 13, 2017

PCN Archive

The big bonfire staged last Thursday night by the MHS Pep Club attracted many small fries as shown by this picture of Coach Flatt giving students a pep talk prior to the Friday night game against the Circle Wildcats. Flatt's talk was effective as the Mustangs rolled to their first victory over Circle, 38-13.

100 years ago

September 13, 1917

Montana bootleggers in eastern Montana are using clever means of getting their goods across the line into North Dakota. One officer got wise and noticed that a man crossing the border in a high-powered car had five extra tires in his car. When he unscrewed the top from one of them he discovered it was filled with whiskey.


Sheriff Crab and Deputy Vaupel made a raid on an alleged gambling den that had been in operation for some time in a tarpaper shack west of the Thompson Lumber yard. Five men were taken in the raid and as a consequence, Phillips County is considerably richer as the five pleaded guilty and were fined $100 each.


Ezra Ereaux of Wagner threshed 1,207 bushels of winter wheat from a field of 53 acres and 292 bushels of spring wheat out of a field of eight acres which is not bad for a dry year like 1917.


Miss Anne Lee Survant returned the first of the week from a visit at Glasgow with her friend, Helen Schilling.


Big features at the State Fair will be a series of tractor plowing demonstrations. The oil tractor is without a doubt one of the leading factors in the state's agriculture development.

75 years ago

September 10, 1942

Beet workers wage increased

An increased topping and loading schedule for sugar beets of the 1942 crop was announced last week by the Northern Montana Beet Growers Association and the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company. The new labor schedule calls for a gradual scale ranging from $1.55 per ton for six tons or less per acre to $1.15 for tonnage about 12 tons per acre.

Local Navy man guest of Duchess Tallyrand

According to a recent article received by the H.A. Barnard family of South Phillips County, Melvin Spraggins was one of the ten men who were guests of the Duchess Tallyrand at her exclusive Lyndhurst Club in New York.

Spraggins, a member of the navy gun crew, had just returned from convoy and was invited through the Brooklyn Navy YMC to be the guest of the Duchess. The men described the club as being "heaven on earth." They were given complete freedom while there to enjoy all of its facilities.

Spraggins will be remembered as working at the Barnard Ranch for many years.

Negro concert scheduled by Kiwanis

Plans are being made by the local Kiwanis Club to sponsor the colored Victory Quintet concert at the high school auditorium.

The group of entertainers is from Atlanta, Ga., and are classed in the bracket of high-class entertainers. They will give a program of Negro spirituals, folk songs, Negro melodies, work songs and love songs reflecting the American background from which they spring.

Woman needed for sheet metal work

There is a demand for women to take a defense training course in sheet metal work at the Helena aeronautical school, according to Wayne Fjosee, manager of the local U.S. employment office.

Girls between 17 and 24 are eligible for NYA enrollment. The NYA will pay $24 per month while taking training or furnish them room and board and pay $8.20 per month at a residential center.

50 years ago

September 14, 1967

Million Dollar Rain Cheers everybody

Rain, Rain, Rain! It finally arrived. And in the last four days has brought more moisture to Phillips County than it has received at one time in 1967. The last rain of any account fell on June 12 when .80 of an inch was recorded. We haven't had a drop in Malta since a trace of moisture fell on Sept. 2 and another trace was recorded just one day in August on the 15th.

It will undoubtedly go down as one of the driest springs and summers in the history of Phillips County, just 4.15 inches total moisture for the year has been recorded until last Sunday.

The rain seems to be general over the county. We talked to a few residents in outlying areas by phone Wednesday, and the rain was between two and three inches.

Since the range fire problems have been eradicated, the hunters can happily take to the fields this Sunday.

25 years ago

September 23, 1992

Street Talk

Question: What do you miss about high school?

"Cricket" Crowder: I don't, and I wouldn't want to go back to this new system.

Sarah Fauth: My friends!

Bill McEwen: My youth! High school was the best!

Mark Hebert

Four generations of the Smith family were represented at a recent family gathering. In the front row, from the left, are Lorna Rae Smith, Bob Smith, Gale Smith, and Leyetta Smith. In the back row are Wes Smith, Doug Smith, Gary Smith, Gary Smith Jr., Ron Smith, Rhonda Smith and Lorna Smith Pray and Rusty. Feigel Photo, 1967.

Gladys Jacobson: My friends!

10 years ago

September 19, 2007

Street Talk

Question: What is the biggest lesson you learned as an adult you didn't know as a teenager?

Russell Jaynes: Raising kids isn't as easy as it looked when Mom and Dad did it

Wes Koss: Having children is more challenging and rewarding than I thought.

Mike McEwen: Being a rancher has more responsibility than I ever thought as a teenager.

Debbie Phillips: I didn't realize there was so much prejudice or sexism when I was a teenager.


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