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Not happy with opinions on President Trump in the PCN


September 13, 2017

Dear Editor,

The Phillips County News Letters to the Editor states in fine print that it will not print libelous and scandalous editorials. However, in our opinion, it continually prints scandalous, libelous and non-fact based editorials against our current President on a regular bases without any other editorials from a different viewpoint.

When we called the PCN to question this we were hastily told this was due to "freedom of speech."

Wikipedia states that, "interpretations of both harm and offense to freedom of speech are culturally and politically relative." Since the majority of Phillips County voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of our current President it seems the PCN is offending the majority of the community by running only one sided political editorials against our President.

Did the PCN continuously run one sided political editorials against our last President? Does the PCN only receive political editorials from one person?

It is very disappointing to know that our local paper is limiting our freedom of speech to one persons negative perspective and offending the majority of our local culture and community by doing so.

Mark & Sarese Pankratz


Editor’s note: The PCN does, in fact, only receive political letters to the editor from one local person, but we encourage everyone to voice their opinion on the Op/Ed page. Send your letters to the editor to


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