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By Helen Austin
PCN Correspondent 

Whitewater News for September 20, 2017


September 20, 2017

Sympathy to family of Robert Smith of Malta.

Fires are close to home, a load of hay on a truck and trailer burned up about a mile north of Malta! We (I) witnessed it all, as we were right behind the truck load of hay. The truck belonged to a trucking company out of Dodson. A “shout out” to the fire departments, Sheriff, volunteers, etc. who helped put fires out. The price of hay is high this dry year. But no one was hurt, that is what is important.

Last week, I went to two funerals, Ereaux and George Eklund. Challise and Gale Young, her friend, Sally Austin and I were among the mourners of George Eklund. We should all be kind, we never know who is next.

Life goes on.

A “shout out” to National Guardsmen who are fighting fires. Local guardsmen are Hector Murdock, Typhus Olsen, Douglas Murdock and Ben Parker. They are fighting fires near Seeley Lake, Mont. Be careful all of you.

Welcome to Sharon Parker and her grandson Herbie who moved to Whitewater area from Ryegate, Mont. His dad is in National Guards. Herbie started school here in Whitewater.

Dan and Judy Simonson attended rodeos in Cody, Wyo. and Browning, Mont. last week. Their girls Kiana and Kierra are in college but still participate in rodeos. Congratulations to them! Buckshot Nelson takes care of the ranch in their absence.

Linda Berg went to Canada for her niece's lovely wedding.

Note: Beautiful, adorable house trained kittens to give away! They are not mine but call me (674-5576) and I will give them the message.

Helen Austin


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