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March 14, 2018

PCN Archives

Cheering the Whitewater Penguins on to a successful season this year were these varsity cheerleaders. They are ( l to r) Heidi Hill, senior; Sarina Green, junior; Mandy Olsen, junior; Sarah Dunbar, junior; and Kerry Simonson, junior. 1993.

100 years ago

March 14, 1918

Phillips County was called upon to furnish 15 men out of 521 called in the state for military service. "Bonafide agricultural workers whose numbers are called, will be passed for the time being but those who fail to hit the ball in an agricultural way, will be yanked into military service," says the old Enterprise.


Charles Wesley Wilson and Pansy Schempp of Freewater were married at the Schempp home by Rev. H.G. Cowan. Curtis Smith and Miss Mildred Wilson, the bridegroom's sister, were in attendance.


A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Facey.


An ice jam on Alkali Creek had been dynamited to save the bridge.


Water was 20 feet deep at the old wagon bridge east of town. A huge ice jam had backed the water over low lying land in the vicinity if Malta, Wagner, and Dodson.


Iver Lefdahl and Miss Mable Peterson were married at Mekinock, N.D., and placed to return to Phillips County to make their home.

75 years ago

March 18, 1943

Local men held as prisoners by Japanese

Two Phillips County men and one former resident of the Hogeland community are prisoners of war of the Japanese government in the Philippine Islands, according to an official notification from the War Department.

Pvt. Lawrence Miller, brother of Leo George Miller of Malta, is listed among 425 Japanese prisoners of war, as it Pvt. Edward G. Kuntz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gottfried Kuntz of South Wagner. Pvt. Reuben R. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Knute Johnson of Hogeland, also a prisoner in the Philippines, is known to many Phillips County residents.

Editor's Note: The PCN was unable to locate information about Pvt. Miller on the internet.

Pvt. Johnson married Betty Svendsen in 1946 and the couple had four children and farmed the Svendsen Family Homestead until Reuben's death in 1974.

Pvt. Kuntz a member of the 60th Coast Arty Anti-Aircraft of the US Army, died while a POW on Dec. 27, 1942, according to, a website created to honor American servicemen who died in POW camps during WWII. He is buried in the Malta Cemetery.

Takes over Vanity Shop

Miss Francys Allen, who was employed by Wally's Beauty Salon for about two years before it closed, has taken over the Vanity Beauty Shop, operated by Mrs. Marguerite Runge until her enlistment in the WAAC. Miss Allen is an experienced beauty operator and is well known in Phillips County.

R. L. Campbell made dog recruiter for county

Sheriff R. L. Campbell has accepted the chairmanship of the dog recruiting campaign in Phillips County and will accept enlistments of local canines for service in the U. S. Army as sled dogs.

Sled dogs of the following breeds or crossbreeds are acceptable: Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian huskies, Samoyedes, Eskimos, and Shepherds. At the present time pack dogs, which are trained at Camp Rimini in the western part of the state, are not needed, as the quota has been filled. Dogs that are too small, too timid or have had too much hunting experience are not wanted as they do not become adjusted to military life or duties.

Phillips County residents who wish to enlist dogs for sled service in the army should contact Mr. Campbell who will secure the necessary crates for shipment to training centers. Several Phillips County dogs have already been sent from this county.

Pioneer woman of Zortman buried there

Graveside services were held in the Zortman Cemetery Wednesday for Mrs. Eleanor Sturman, 81, for many years a resident of that community. She had made her home in Helena for the past several years where she died last Friday, the body arriving here Monday for interment in Zortman.

Mrs. Sturman came with her husband to Montana from Dakota in 1892. They lived for several years at Lewistown where Mr. Sturman operated a freight line. They lived in Zortman for more than 35 years.

50 years ago

March 21, 1968

Five County Spelling Bee winners head to Glendive

Kathy Palm, the sixth-grade daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Palm of Dodson, won the Phillips County Spelling Bee held Monday afternoon at the high school auditorium.

David Thomas, a fifth grader, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Thomas of Malta, won second; Gary Braach, eighth-grade son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Braach of Dodson, third; Fred Bevolden, seventh-grade son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bevolden of Dodson, fourth, and Pam Larcombe, eighth-grade daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Larcombe, fifth.

These five winners will go to the regional meet to be held in Glendive.

David Daellenbach credited with saving life of 9-year-old

David Daellenbach, a Malta High School junior and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louise Daellenbach, is credited with saving the life of 9-year-old Peter Newton last Saturday afternoon. He pulled young Pete, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lew Newton, out of the icey waters of the Milk River.

In recounting his story, Pete told his mother that he and fellow third-grader Anthony Van Houdt were rigging their bikes under the old underpass of the G.N. Railroad near the river when they saw a log lying on the bank and decided to push it into the river. They pushed and shoved at the log and got out on the ice. The ice broke. Anthony managed to pull his way up onto the bank of the river to safety, although he had been in the water up to his neck.

Anthony could see that Pete was in trouble and called to Daellenbachs, David and his mother, who were just coming under the underpass in a car. Mrs. Daellenbach hurried to the Riverside Equipment company to get help and David waded into the water after Pete. When help arrived, David was already struggling up the bank with the small boy ...

"David is 10-feet tall in our eyes," said Mrs. Newton.

25 years ago

March 17, 1993

Whitewater Junior High take third at Academic Olympics

Five students from Whitewater Junior High captured third place at the Academic Olympics in Glendive last week in oral testing. About 150 junior high students participated. Those students on the team are Cody Math, Andy Gertge, Brent Beyer, Leslie Nelson and Aimee Hammond.

10 years ago

March 12, 2008

Street Talk

Question: What would you think of a Hillary Clinton – Barak Obama Democratic presidential ticket?

Carolyn Caves: I think it would work out just fine.

Kathryn Hofer: I don't want to see it happen.

Larry Willcott: I think we'd be in big trouble.

Bill Defosse: It would be pretty good because they both have the same views on most topics.


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