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Linda Wilke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilke, was installed as worthy advisor of the Malta Assembly, Order of the Rainbow for Girls, at an open instillation service Monday evening at the Masonic Hall. Pictured are, from the left, Mrs. Wilke, Linda and Walter Wilke. 1968.

100 years ago

May 23, 1918

The library was broken into and $15 in small coins were taken from the librarian's desk. The door to the Red Cross rooms was opened, but nothing was taken.


The Commercial Club has an enrollment of 81 business houses and individuals, according to O.P. Shenefelt.


Every able-bodied man in the state of Montana was required to work a full five-day week or be able to explain why not. Men were asked to register with the county clerk and recorder.


Jessie Compton and Norman Glover were married at the home of the bride's parents near the Canadian line.


Mary Pickford was playing in "Tom Sawyer" at the Palace Theatre.

75 years ago

May 20, 1943

Draft Board will call fathers

Gov. Sam C. Ford disclosed Monday that orders have been received by state selective service headquarters in Helena authorizing local draft boards in Montana to induct into the armed services fathers who are engaged in nondeferrable occupations. The governor said he had wired his protest against this action to Washington authorities.

The order, based on directives by Paul V. McNutt, Director of the War Manpower Commission, is the first indication to Montana selective service headquarters, according to Governor Ford, that married men with children born before Sept. 1, 1942, could be inducted.

Justice court jury hears missing money case

A justice court jury yesterday returned a verdict in favor of Mrs. Stella Haukos, who was plaintiff, in a civil action against Mrs. Amelia Smith of Malta. The complaint alleged that Mrs. Haukos had placed $195 in the safe at the Mint Saloon, of which Mrs. Smith is the proprietor, and that upon asking for it, was told the money disappeared.

Mrs. Smith was ordered to repay Mrs. Haukos and to stand costs of the trial.

Members of the jury were Victor Newton, John Wingert, Mrs. George Forbes, Mrs. Stacia Taylor, Miles Henry and Simon Herod. Justice Ivan Coe heard the case.

20 men accepted from Phillips County

Twenty men left Monday morning for service in the armed forces. The men made up the selective service contingent for May included eight volunteers.

Among the volunteers was Walter N. Nakashima, a Japanese youth who is the first Japanese to volunteer under the new federal regulation allowing American born Japanese to enter the armed services.

Other volunteers were Donald H. Lee, Ore H. Lubbers, John J. Adams, Peter R. Score, Carl Wilford (Bill) Bell, William Evans and Harold B. Schumacher.

Draftees included Elmer J. Dufloth, John J. Bednarczyk, Eugene J. Sawyer, Fred H. Jones, Robert N. Pewonka, Edward Band, Wallace Abrahamson, LeRoy Christensen, Herman W. Green, Richard Runnion, Robert A. Jones, and Edward L. Demarais.

Dufloth was named acting corporal in charge of the group. Lee, Lubbers, Adams, Score, Bell, Evans, Schumacher and Runnion were accepted for service in the navy and went directly to the Farragut, Idaho, training station. Others will report to Salt Lake City army services.

50 years ago

May 16, 1968

Whitewater High School

graduation is Monday night

Paul Kinshella, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kinshella, has been named valedictorian of the 1968 graduating class at Whitewater High School.

Deborah Cowan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cowan, is the salutatorian. They head of a class of four students who will graduate from Whitewater High School in the commencement exercises on Monday at 8 p.m.

66 seniors scheduled to graduate May 27

Sixty-six seniors at Malta High School are on the graduating list and if all continued progress is made all should receive their diplomas.

The following list of seniors are expected to graduate: Marla Ashby, Charles Barnard, Tim Barnes, Frank Bednarczyk, Bob Beyer, Linda Broadbrooks, Jean

Brown, Jo Brown, Mike Carlson, Roseanna Coleman, Gary Compton, Jim Cummings, Annie Daellenbach, Jim Dancer, Debbi Dopp, Don Drabbels,

Mike Emerson, Betty Erdahl, Pat Fewer, John Field, Susan French, Chuck Graden, Steve Granat, Lynaya Green, Jane Haugness, June Haugness, Doug Henry, Teresa Hould, Linda Hughes, Sue Kaufman, Kit Kaufman, Karen Koechel, Bill Koss,

Mary Lang, Robert Legg, Ruth Leib, Bev Loney, Harry Luna, Ray Lund, Art Lundstrom, Bernie Majusiak, Mike Matthews, Lynn Mavencamp, John McKeon, Ron McKoy, Jo Ann Mecklenburg, Bill Mitchell, Donna Morris·,

Luci Newton, Les Nordtug, Mitzi Nylanqer, Gloria Ohs, Steve Pankratz, Les Paulson, Donna Richardson, Susan Robinson, Bonnie Simanton, Gail Stiles, Grant Sundseth,

Jim Thompson, Joy Tyler, Oline Veseth, Linda Wilke, Barbara Wiltzen, Dirk Young, Bob Young.

25 years ago

May 15, 1993

Street talk

Question: Would you like to be graduating from school this year?

Earl Wasson: No! I'd hate to lose my Social Security checks.

Deb Peltier: No, because it would mean I'd have to start all over. I prefer to be older.

Betty Waters: No! I feel sorry for the kids and their future.

Howie Hammond: No. the only way I would want to graduate from high school this year is if I still knew what I'd learned since then.

10 years ago

May 14, 2008

Dino Museum grand opening set for June 6-7

The grand opening of the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Fieled Station begins at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 6, 2008, with the gala "Wine and Dino" event at the new museum complex located on Highway 2 in Malta.

Zortman native Andrea Robinson receives valor award for rescue while fighting fire

Andrea Robinson, who grew up in Zortman and spent four seasons working for the Central Montana Fire Zone there, was among four Lewistown BLM firefighters receiving the Department of Interior's Valor Award for their role in rescuing a pilot who had crashed in the path of a quickly advancing wildfire.


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