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Fight Night!

MMA /Boxing event draws many to Pavilion


Pierre Bibbs

Boxer Ella Jean Lance boxes with her opponent "Little Rocket Man" in the Fight For Our Future charity event for the Ronald McDonald House last Saturday at the Malta Pavillion.

Hundreds came out to the Malta Pavillion for Fight For Our Future, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Boxing event put on by KillEagle Productions last Saturday, June 2.

The night featured eight fights, including three MMA fights, four submission only matches and one boxing match.

In the Co-Main Event, Jake French, a former State B Wrestling Champion from Choteau, stepped into the ring to face Busby's Reuben Bam Roundstone, who was in his third match of the evening. Though French showed his wrestling prowess on the match and appeared to have the upper hand, he did not protect his head, forcing referee Ted Reiter to call the match.

Bam Roundstone won the match by technical knockout at the conclusion of the first round.

"When we used to wrestle, he was a big name but he was a little bit older than me," Roundstone said. "I just stayed calm and relied on my training that I have had over the past nine months."

Bam has been in MMA for the past seven years.

"Everything I do, I do for the cage," Roundstone said. "It's all self-defense. You have to defend yourself to keep yourself alive."

In the final Main Event David Gates of Bozeman faced Fort Belknap's Warren Brockie who had previously won the Havoc on the Hi-Line Main Event in June of 2015.

Gates won the match handily and quickly, within the first minute of the first round.

"I had to get out of there quick," Gates said. "I'm 41 years old. I just turned 41 May 17. Wes was on Facebook, saying that he needs fighters out here and that it was for the Ronald McDonald House. I figured that this was the best thing I could do. Get up here and get myself in the main event. Shout out to my opponent Warren Brockie. He stepped up big time in a pro fight. This was a good event we put on for Malta."

Gates explained how he was able to win the match so fast.

"I am a wrestler," Gates said. "I was second in wrestling in the state of California in '94. When things are rough, I always rely on my wrestling. I was able to get him in a judo throw and once I got him flipped over, he left himself open so I sunk in under his arm and got him out of there. Quick as hell."

Brockie was appreciative of the opportunity.

"I want to thank Wes for setting this fight up," Brockie said before the fight. "I want to thank my opponent David Gates who traveled from Bozeman."

Brockie becamse a pro boxer in 2016.

"There are more minutes and more rounds," Brockie said. "You have to train more mentally and physically for pro boxing."

Lewis Matthews of Wolf Point, won the Heavyweight Submission Tournament by knee-bar submission over Bam Roundstone fifty-two seconds into the second round.

"In Jiu-Jitsu, size and strength aren't supposed to matter," Lewis said. "It's position that matters. He got into a position that I knew more about than he did. I caught him in it and he rolled out."

Bam Roundstone had defeated Wes KillEagle by tap out at 1:25 in the tournament's opening round, while Matthews defeated his Bam's brother Spur Roundstone in the other submission opener match by arm-triangle at the 4:55 mark in the second round.

After surviving the first five minute round, the only way that the submission matches would end was by submission. Matthews and Spur had the longest match, close to ten minutes.

"Spur and I leveled each other out with weight and strength, that's why I think it took so long," Matthews said.

Matthews was on the bottom for most of the fight but was able to overcome his disadvantage.

"Again, that falls under Jiu-Jitsu," Matthews said. "Sometimes the bottom is the best position. I couldn't get up because he was pretty good in the hips. So, I just laid on the bottom and let him tire himself out."

Matthews explained how he was able to finally defeat Spur.

"I was on his back and he rolled, and he rolled right into it and I got him," Matthews said. "My arms felt like jello but I squeezed as hard as I could."

Spur, who is the current Fight Force Heavyweight champion, learned about the event two days prior and was all in.

"I didn't even think I was going to compete," Spur said. "I was going to be my brother's corner man and they said they were short on fighters, so I said if you need an extra competitor, I'm down. They are doing it for a great cause, for the Ronald McDonald House and I love supporting organizations like this. It is a real great honor and I hope that we can come back to Malta in the future and compete somewhere."

Spur wanted to impart a few words to the area's youth.

"This is Spur 'Big Sexy' Roundstone your Fight force Heavyweight and I am just here to shout out to all of the young people that are out there," he said. "Do not be afraid of life. Don't be afraid to live. Treat everyday like it's a gift from God and live life to the fullest. Amen."

The night's boxing match featuring the Ella Jean Lance and Little Rocket Man was won by Littlle Rocket Man by the judges' 29-28 decision.

Poplar's Zander Beston won the night's opening match over Travis Taylor of Malta in 2:02 by triangle chokehold.


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