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Young golfers impress at camp


Pierre Bibbs

2018 Junior Golf Summer Camp: Standing: Left to right: Jade Imlay, Addison Ulrich, Kyann Bergos, Britney Sorlie, Rhiaunna Simonson, Brooklynn Knowles, Liv Cote, Kash Ereaux, Jonathon Siewing, Kenan LaBrie, Lane Spencer, Wyatt Judd, Seth Siewing, Bridger Benton, Dawson Hammond, Trevor Knowles, Jace Tollefson, and Korvyn Skubinna. Kneeling: Gunner Cilz, Braydon Rhoads, Michael Love, and Luke Tatafu.

Malta Parks & Recreation has provided the local community plenty of organized sports activities over the past few years and this summer the department tackled a new category; golf.

The 2018 Malta Parks & Rec. department hosted this year's Junior Summer Golf Camp, a three-day event hosted by Marian Hills Golf Course in Malta on Tuesday, June 5 through June 7 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. There were 25 kids present at the event.

"This year is a little bit different than last year," Kate Webb, a former collegiate golfer and camp leader told the PCN. "It's basically the Tin Cup camp but this year the City Parks and Recreation group is helping out."

The camp consisted of third through eighth graders from around Phillips County. Last year the group was limited from fifth to eighth grade.

"The earlier you start them, the earlier they catch on," said Webb, who recently accepted the position as Assistant Coach for the Malta High School golf team. "It's just nice to start them out early and once they get to junior high and high school, they are all ready for golf."

Webb went on to say that because Malta Middle School does not have a golf team, camps like Malta's Junior Summer Golf Camp is extremely beneficial in teaching the game of golf.

"The only real opportunity they have is to go out with family," Webb said. "So, this, I feel like is really important for those kids. It's nice to get them open to golf, otherwise, a lot of them won't golf until high school."

Montana State Golf Association President Roger Amundsen shared some of the things that were taught at the camp.

"We started with the driving range and then chipping and putting at the putting green and then worked our way up to games," Amundson said. "We could go all summer long but in three days, we did as much as we could do."

Games were played in teams of four, for team scramble format.

"It went very well, even though we included a couple grades younger than we had the previous two years," Amundson said. "I think they learned a lot and we just want to get them out here to get a feel for the game of golf. Hopefully, they will pick up for the next camp and for years to come."

The kids weren't simply let free around the course, they learned a lot about the game including etiquette.

"They learn the rules, they learn how to hit," Webb said. "They learn the fundamentals of golf so that they are ready by high school."

Webb and Amundson took groups around Marian Hills, many of which were present in previous years.

"I think the older girls that were here last year (stood out)," Webb said. "We really worked with them last year and are seeing the benefits of it. In my group, the older girls did some good things, but some of the boys that I had never seen before did well too. There were some good shots here and there but everybody is doing pretty good."

Though no major prizes were awarded, winners of the team scramble games didn't escape empty-handed.

"The team with the lowest scramble score won a pop," Webb said.

There were no major highlights, like a hole in one, but there were highlights during putting.

"During our time on the putting green there were some pretty long putts," Webb said.

Another session of the Junior Summer Golf Camp will take place on Tuesday, July 10 through Thursday, July 12.


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