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By Dixie Stordahl

Loring News for July 11, 2018


Greetings, my faithful followers! Last week I was just coming home from surgery in Billings and did not even think about an early publication date. My sister Debbie drove me home so that was a treat, especially since she whipped up several servings of soup from the freezer. Carol Lumsden drove me down to Billings and stayed overnight with Jonnae and Jim Slade. Thank you all for asking how I'm doing. I am recovering well and am so spoiled!

Cindy and Dave Clark spent several days at the lake, camping, fishing and enjoying the atmosphere! Kenny Clark family and Tracy Hanley family joined them for the festivities.

Sympathy from the Loring Community to the families of Jim Murdock and Anna Faye Simms. Both have ties to this area. Jim's brother Bill and several nieces and nephews make their homes near Loring. Anna Faye lived here in the 60's and raised three sons.

Earlier this spring two flycatchers built a nest on a part of our covered deck. Even though they were interrupted many times a day, since their little home was right above the steps, they laid five little cream-colored eggs. The young ones hatched about two weeks ago, causing much commotion with the adults flying in and out all day long with their beaks full of insects for the babies. I saw at least three little fuzzy bodies and now they are getting quite large for the nest. It has been entertaining watching for sure and soon the youngsters will fledge and go on their way to a life of their own.

The weather has had a hot flash! The temps were in the 100's, hot dry winds blowing, no rain in sight. Fire danger is paramount, so be careful, keep the 911 number at the tip of your fingers! Here in Loring, we have a phone tree of people to call to make aware of a fire. It usually works faster than 911. Be sure to hydrate yourself and pets as well!

A beautiful sight in the early evenings is Venus, shining brightly in the northwest sky. Also, the meteors will be showering earth on July 27-28 and another group on August 12.

Have an awesome week! Thanks for reading my column.


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