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By Mark Hebert

Fair opens with 4-H Horse Show in Malta


August 1, 2018

Mark Hebert

Lilly, Lyla and Taylor Warren take a ride at the 4-H Horse Show on Saturday afternoon in Malta.

Though the Phillips County Fair doesn't get underway in Dodson until this Thursday, the longest continuous running fair in the state of Montana officially got underway last Saturday at Malta's Milk River Pavilion as nine 4-H members competed at the Phillips County 4-H Horse Show.

"We have nine kids in 22 classes," Ann Wombold, 4-H Program assistant, said. "The kids are doing really well with their patterns and they all really know their knowledge of their horse and horse parts and their general, overall horse health.

Melody Bildin from Roundup was again the judge at the 4-H Horse show and Wombold said she was, once again, impressed with Phillips County kids. Participating at this year's horse show were Danie Rhodes, Brett Wiebe, Brylee French, Madelyn Ohl, Blake Ozark, Kayden Green, Karlie LaBrie, Kenzie LaBrie, and Macey Blunt.

During a break between events, Blunt told the PCN she had already earned a Grand Championship in Showmanship and a Reserve Championship in Horsemanship in just her second year of competition.

"It's pretty good and now I get to take both of them to the fair," Blunt said of her horses, Coco and Amber. Blunt said she has been riding Amber for three years and Coco for two, adding that Amber's forte is running barrels while Coco's a champ at moving cows. Blunt said that aside from her horses, she will be showing her pig at this week's Phillips County Fair and monies raised from her pig's sale will go into her college funds (she wants to study to become a vet assistant.) Aside from the 4-H fun at the fair, Blunt said she is also looking forward to camping at the fair.

Rhodes and Wiebe, both heading into their senior years of high school, also talked with the PCN during the lunch intermission as they prepared for the afternoon's events. Wiebe, who'd already taken second place in Showmanship, said she would be competing in Horse Maturity III, Horsemanship VII, and Driving, and added she was hoping for the best.

"I'm not sure about Driving at all," she said. "(Kiz, her horse) is just being a pain and won't stay still for me at all. I am most looking forward to Horsemanship VII reining pattern."

Wiebe said she looked forward to her reining pattern because she was able to design it herself and accompany the event with music, in this instance, Let There Be Cowgirls by Chris Cagle.

Rhodes had earned a Grand Championship in Showmanship and Bareback Pleasure by the lunch break and had Freestyle and Ranch Horse to look forward to.

"I hope I do pretty well because I have been practicing them quite a bit," she said.

Rhodes said she has been a 4-H member for eight years (Horse events for seven) and said she will be showing her horses and steer at the fair and will be competing at the Youth Rodeo on Thursday night.

"I'll be in barrels, poles, and breakaway," she said. Pushed on what her best event of three will be, Rhodes said: "definitely barrels."

"Everything seems to go pretty well for me in that event," she said. "Once in a while I will be off a second or two, but most of the time I do pretty well."

Ohl, in her first year at the 4-H Horse Show, said she had butterflies before her event, but added that she "just went out there and rode."

"I did good," she said. "I won Reserve Grand Champion...I like it. This is the first time I have gotten a trophy for something."

Ohl admitted she hadn't figured out where in her home her trophy would go and said aside from 4-H events at the fair, she is most looking forward to going on the rides and her favorite fair food is cotton candy.

The 104th Phillips County Fair gets underway this Thursday and concludes Sunday night. See you at the Fair!

Horse Show was held on July 28, 2018

Malta Pavilion

9 - 4-H Youth Participated in 19 different classes

Senior Horse Showmanship: 1st – Danie Rhodes, 2nd – Brett Wiebe.

Advanced Junior Showmanship: 1st – Brylee French, 2nd – Madelyn Ohl.

Beginning Junior Showmanship: 1st – Macey Blunt, 2nd – Karlie LaBrie, 3rd – Kayden Green.

Horsemanship, Level One: Grand Champion – Karlie LaBrie, Reserve Champion – Madelyn Ohl.

Horsemanship, Level Two: Grand Champion – Blake Ozark, Reserve Champion – Macey Blunt.

Horsemanship, Level Three: Grand Champion – Kayden Green.

Horsemanship, Level Four: Grand Champion – Brylee French.

Advanced Bareback Pleasure: 1st - Danie Rhodes.

Beginning Bareback Pleasure: 1st – Kayden Green.

Colt to Maturity, Yearling: Grand Champion – Brett Wiebe.

Colt to Maturity, Level Three: Grand Champion – Brett Wiebe.

Green Horse, Level One: Grand Champion – Brylee French.

Mark Hebert

Macey Blunt and Amber after one of Blunt's successful events at the 4-H Horse Show.

Ranch Horse, Level Four: Grand Champion – Danie Rhodes.

Horse Driving, Level One: Grand Champion – Brylee French, Reserve Champion – Brett Wiebe.

Senior Ranch Horse, Trail Class: 1st – Brett Wiebe.

Freestyle, Level One: 1st – Brett Wiebe.

Freestyle, Level Two: 1st – Blake Ozark.

Freestyle, Level Three: 1st – Kayden Green.

Freestyle, Level Seven: 1st – Brett Wiebe. Best Overall Horse Project – voted on by the judge: Kayden Green

Most Improved Horse Member – voted on by leaders: Madeyln Ohl.

Thank you to the volunteer 4-H leaders with their guidance throughout the 4-H year. Leaders are; Sarah Barnard, Kendra Green, Willie Harms, Paul and Kayla Warren, Barb Wiebe and Janni Wiese.


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