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FSA certification maps, Change in Farming Operation


Agricultural Producers can pick up their spring FSA certification maps from the county Office.

The Phillips County Farm Service Agency would like to remind all producers to stop by the office and pick up their spring certification maps. The spring crop certification deadline is July 15, 2014. Please bring in your completed maps and return your signed FSA-578 commodity report to the office before July 15. Acreage reports must be filed for all spring seeded crops.

Change in Farming Operation

If you have bought or sold land, or if you have picked up or dropped rented land from your operation, make sure you report the changes to the office as soon as possible. You need to provide a copy of your deed or recorded land contract for purchased property, or a copy of your lease for leased property. Failure to maintain accurate records with FSA on all land you have an interest in can lead to possible program ineligibility and penalties. Making the record changes now will save you time in the spring. Update signature authorization when changes in the operation occur. Producers are reminded to contact the office about a change in operations on a farm so that records can be kept current and accurate.

GovDelivery – Instant Bulletins, Alerts, News at No Cost to You

Since 2012, Montana producers have had the option to enroll in the new GovDelivery system using email to provide instant notices, newsletters and electronic reminders in lieu of mailed newsletters which is costly. FSA, like many other organizations, is working smarter and more efficiently. Mov-ing to electronic notifications via email helps conserve resources, speeds up the delivery of important information and saves taxpayer dollars. County Committee ballots will continue to be mailed to all eligible producers. Producers and others can subscribe (recommended subscriptions below) to receive free e-mail updates from any County FSA office by going to or contact your local county office for subscription assistance.

Recommended subscriptions for Montana FSA eNews are:

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