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Phillips County 4-H completes season with awards banquet at Stretches


The Phillips County 4-H Shooting Sports held their annual awards ceremony on April 27th at Stretch's Banquet Room. There were 64 youth that participated in the program this year. The youth shot for 8 weeks on the county level in archery, air rifle and air pistol disciplines. On the State level, the top 6 out of 10 scores were taken.

There were 31 youth that participated in the 3P (prone, standing and kneeling) air rifle. The County results are as follows: Beginning Junior (9 & 10 year olds) with 2400 points possible; 1st –Brent Yeska (1787), 2nd – Camryn Mears (1591), 3rd – Juliana Hold (1573), 4th – Peyton Jones (1571), 5th – Spencer Gibbs (1545) and 6th – Jesse Lee (1500) all receiving medals. Most Improved youth was Jesse Lee with an increase in the second four week period over the first four week period of 60.50 points. Other Beginning Junior participants were: Tamela Abrahamson, Kaden Bishop, Connor Clausen, Kylie Hunter, Tye Jones, Kaden LaBrie, Danie Rhodes, Erica Smith, Shane Soul, and Brett Wiebe. Youth completing in advanced juniors (11 to 13 year olds) with 2400 points possible were; 1st – Charlee Rhodes (1389), 2nd – Chloe Hunter (915), 3rd- Ty Murphy (809), and 4th – Lauren Doney (777) receiving medals. Most improved shooter was Charlee Rhodes with an increase of 22.75 points over the first four weeks. Other advanced junior participants were: Vincent Jolley, Parker Mortenson, Pierce Mortenson, Dustin Ostrum and Josh Salveson, Senior division youth (14 & Over) with 2400 points possible were; 1st – Vinnessa Lundstrom (1509), 2nd – Jesse Orahood (1481) and 3rd – Joseph Jolley (1181) receiving medals. Other senior participants were: Cru Darrah and Christian Menge. Most improved shooter was Cru Darrah with an increase of 17.50 points over the first four weeks.

There were 7 participants in the pistol discipline with the following results on the county level. Advanced Junior's (11 to 13 yr olds) hold the pistol with both hands while seated with 2400 possible points. Participants were: Chayanna Stolem (1346) receiving the 1st place medal and Chloe Hunter (830) receiving second place. Senior Division (14 & 15 yr olds, holding the pistol while stating using both hands) participants were: 1st - place was Joseph Salveson (1984), Kari Koss and Cru Darrah. Senior Division (16 and over using one hand) participants were: 1st – Kalen Wiebe (2212) and Jeret Warren. Most improved pistol shooter was Chayanna Stolem with a 98.0 point increase.

In the archery division youth participated in primitive and unlimited divisions. Primitive archery consists of a recurve or longbow, fingers and no sights. A total of 39 youth participated in the primitive archery division. In the beginning juniors (9 & 10 yr olds), the top 6 winners as follows; 1st – Erica Smith (1059), 2nd – Zach Ulrich (842), 3rd – Kylie Hunter (777), 4th – Justine Lamb (770), 5th – Danie Rhodes (752) and 6th Jesse Lee (725). Jesse Lee received the most improved shooter with a 28.75 point increase. Other youth participating were; Kaden Bishop, Spencer Gibbs, Kaden LaBrie, Shane Soul and Brett Wiebe. In the advance junior (11 – 13 yr olds), the top 6 shooters were as follows; 1st – Kooper Oxarart (1596), 2nd – David Skiff (1539), 3rd – Zachary Drabbs (1521), 4th - Billie Orahood (1499), 5th – Grayson Waters (1424) and 6th – Charlee Rhodes (1398). Most improved shooter was Chayanna Stolem with a 53.25 point increase. Other participants included; Lauren Doney, Jakob Drabbs, Colt French, Parker Mortenson, Pierce Mortenson, Raina Mortenson, Georgia Orahood, Josh Salveson, RC Skiff, Tanner Smith, Chayanna Stolem and Aidan Wiese. Youth who placed in the senior division (14 & over) were; 1st – Kalen Wiebe (1806), 2nd – Joseph Salveson (1669), 3rd – Nathan Veit (1591) and 4th – Austin Wiese (1549). Most improved shooter was Peyton Meeks with a 26.50 point increase. Other seniors participating were: Bailey Graves, Chanel Lett, Vinnessa Lundstrom, Riley Mortenson and Derek Peigneux. In unlimited (compound, moveable or fixed sights and release, stabilizer 12 inches and over), winning the beginning junior division was Connor Clausen with a score of 1587. In the advanced junior division first place went to Payton Clausen (1993). Other youth competing were; Chloe Hunter and Hayden VanWichen. In the senior division, 1st place winner was Keenan VanWichen (2303), 2nd – Gerome Lamb (2210) and 3rd – Kolbe Murray (2187). Other seniors were; Kari Koss, Jalen Lamb and Markelle Lett. The overall most improved shooter was Hayden VanWichen with a 26.75 point increase.

Kalen Wiebe received the Melissa Lundstrom Memorial Sportsmanship Awards. This award is voted upon by the shooting sports leaders and is based on a youth that shows exceptional sportsmanship and leadership with the other participants.

The 64 youth who competed on the county level also competed in the State wide postal shoot. This shoot takes in all youth within the state and uses the top 6 scores from the 10 week shoot and awards medals for teams and individual winners. Phillips County has done excellent again this year receiving 16 team medals.

The following youth were recognized as state team (made up of 4 youth) winners in the Primitive archery division: 9 & 10 year olds – 1st place team members were; Kylie Hunter, Danie Rhodes, Erica Smith and Zach Ulrich with a combined score of 2982. The 2nd place team members were; Justine Lamb, Jesse Lee, Shane Soul and Brett Wiebe scoring 2413. Primitive 11 & 12 year olds – 1st place team members were; Jakob Drabbs, Kooper Oxarart, Tanner Smith and Grayson Waters scoring 4553. 2nd place team members were; Parker, Pierce and Raina Mortenson and Chayanna Stolem scoring 3532. 3rd place team members were; Lauren Doney, Georgia Orahood, RC Skiff and Aidan Wiese scoring 2656. Primitive 13 & 14 year olds – 1st place team members were; Zachary Drabbs, Charlee Rhodes, Joseph Salveson and David Skiff scoring 4925. 2nd place team members were; Chanel Lett, Peyton Meeks, Billie Orahood and Josh Salveson scoring 4486. Primitive 15 and over – 1st place team members were; Bailey Graves, Nathan Veit, Kalen Wiebe and Austin Wiese scoring 5195. 3rd place team members were; Vinnessa Lundstrom, Riley Mortenson and Derek Peigneux scoring 3059 (3 member team).

Unlimited 9 -10 year old team winners were; 1st place – Connor Clausen scoring 2277 (two youth team). Unlimited 11-12 year old 3rd place team members were; Chloe Hunter and Hayden VanWichen scoring 4242 (three youth team). Unlimited 13-14 year old team members were; 1st – Kari Koss, Jalen Lamb, Payton Clausen and Kolbe Murray scoring 6296. Senior division (15 and over) members were; 2nd place team – Gerome Lamb, Markelle Lett and Keenan VanWichen scoring 6339.

Our individual winners are youth that had the top scores in their age division. The Phillips County 4-H shooting sports program had 24 youth receive this honor. The first and second place winners received a plaque and the 3rd through 6th place winners received a ribbon. In the primitive 9 & 10 year olds were: 2nd – Erica Smith, 3rd – Danie Rhodes, 4th - Zach Ulrich, 5th – Kylie Hunter and 6th – Justine Lamb. Primitive 11 – 12 year olds; 2nd – Kooper Oxarart, 4th – Grayson Waters, 5th – Jakob Drabbs and 6th – Tanner Smith. Primitive 13 & 14 year olds were: 2nd – Joseph Salveson, 4th – David Skiff and 5th - Charlee Rhodes. Primitive 15 & over: 1st – Kalen Wiebe, 2nd – Nathan Veit, 4th – Austin Wiese and 5th – Bailey Graves. Unlimited 9 & 10 year olds: 1st – Connor Clausen. Unlimited 11 -12 year old: 6th – Chloe Hunter. Unlimited 13 – 14 year old placers were; 2nd – Kolbe Murray, 4th – Jalen Lamb, 5th – Kari Koss and 6th – Payton Clausen. Unlimited 15 & Over: – 4th – Keenan VanWichen and 6th – Gerome Lamb. Kalen Wiebe and Connor Clausen received the high point individual winner over all age divisions.

In the Air Pistol division for the state postal shoot, results are as follows. Team winners for 11 - 12 year olds (two hands and setting were; 3rd – Chloe Hunter and Chayanna Stolem scoring 3619 (3 youth team). The 13 – 14 yr olds (two hands and standing) 2nd place team members were; Cru Darrah, Kari Koss and Joseph Salveson scoring 4326 (3 youth team).

The Air Rifle Division has one team winner in the 9 to 10 year olds. Receiving 3rd place was Kylie Hunter, Danie Rhodes, Erica Smith and Brett Wiebe scoring 3235.

Thanks to all the youth who participated this year and to the following leaders for making our program as successful as it is. James Barnard, Kay Harms, Marshall Harms, Kevin Hunter, Don Klinko, Justin Lamb, Omar Lett, Marty Lundstrom, Collin Mahan, Duane Murray, BJ Rhodes, Eugene and Margo Salveson, Ann Shettel, Alecia and Steven Waters, Kevin Wiebe and John Wiese.

We would like to thank the community and the following businesses for their continued support of this youth organization; Hardware Hank, Stretch's, Malta Volunteer Fire Department, Malta Athletic Club, American Legion and Westside Sports.


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