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Army Cutworms found in some winter wheat

The Extension Office has received call that army cutworms have been found in some winter wheat. Producers are encouraged to look for feeding on the above ground vegetation as an indication of army cutworms.

Army cutworm larvae are nearly two inches long when fully grown, generally colored light gray with lighter markings and a pale stripe running down the back. Larvae feed above ground on the young stems of grasses and wheat at night, retreating under the soil during the day. Scraping the still surface where feeding damage has occurred may yield some army cutworms when scouting during the day.

The economic threshold for control of army cutworms is when larval cutworms counts exceed 4-5 cutworms per square foot in cereal crops, 3-4 / ft2 in mature alfalfa stands, and 2 / ft2 in new alfalfa stands.

Chemical control options are available when economic thresholds are reached.


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