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Loring News for week of May 14, 2014

Deepest sympathy goes out from our community to the Moore/Dunbar family on the death of Scotty Moore. The funeral was attended by an outstanding large group of people paying tribute to their friend.

Carol Lumsden and Dixie Stordahl attended the viewing and sharing of memories of Scotty on Friday. It is a good way to hear the memories of friends and family that are different than mine.

The Whitewater track meet was on Thursday. Gale Simonson journeyed over to watch three of her grandkids in the events. Judy Simonson was in attendance also, timing some of the races! Char Wasson and Heather Simonson really know how to put on a track meet! And the next day they were off to Wolf Point for another one!

The sweet peas are blooming on the prairie!

I worked at the GPDM on Mother’s Day. But I hope everyone had a nice day with their mom’s and kids!

May is the month to see five planets in the night sky. Saturn is opposite the sun and is closest to earth this month. Saturn is golden in color. Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are also visible this month!


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