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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Season warms up for Co-ed league

Benge swings bat for first time in a long time


Susan Bibbs

Third baseman Wes Kill Eagle gets down as Shortstop Scott Thompson attempts to throw a runner out at home plate. The throw made it there, but the catcher forgot to tag the runner.

As the Malta Co-ed softball league closed out its second game of the year, the score of the game was noticeably smaller than that of the season opener, which was 15-9. Last week's game ended in a 7-6 thriller won by Team A.

The defense in the game was better with multiple double plays, and stronger defense in both the infield and outfield. The game that should've gone only seven innings went eight.

Team A would win a strongly contested 7-6 game against Team B, who was down by three in the eighth and final inning of the game. Team B scored two runs in the bottom of the eighth, but Team A would eventually silence the comeback attempt.

Team A consisted of Jerry Benge, Omar Lett, Kayla Brandon Nicholson, Ted Ryder, Jo Tharp, Nathan Fried, Del Swartout, Season Slade and Tim Wiltse.

Team B consisted of Wes Kill Eagle, Jesse Young, Cheyenne Young, Pierre Bibbs, Clayton Kill Eagle, Kate Cleveland, Lance Webb, Scott Thompson, Jill Thompson, John Sautter and Lyle Stiffarm.

Benge, who was the leadoff batter for Team A, is originally from Texas. He brings plenty of experience to the Co-Ed league, though he hasn't played in over 17 years.

"It has been many, many years since I've played," Benge said with a smile. "My baseball swing felt like a rusty gate but I think it's coming together. I'm a little bit older and heavier than I used to be."

As far as being on the field again, Benge admitted it's harder than it was years ago.

"Running the bases definitely takes my breath, but it's good for me to be able to go out and get some exercise," Benge said. "The first time I actually kicked it in and sprinted for first base, I thought I was going to die."


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