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By Brandon Nicholson

Far better things to show up for than Trophy Parades


November 11, 2015

If you didn’t already know, 800,000 people took to the streets of Kansas City to celebrate winning the World Series. I’m going to give you guys a brief history lesson, bare with me.

In 1963, Martin Luther King conducted the famous March on Washington. It was here that he delivered his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech to an estimated 200,000 people. That’s right, nearly four times as many people massed for a trophy than for a calling to an end of racism. You could argue that it is much easier to organize a mass with the influences of modern technology and I would agree, however we choose to rally for a World Series trophy? I can think of much bigger and far more significant issues to rally around.

Veteran’s Day is right around the corner, I would like to thank all of you Vets out there for everything you’ve done for our country. America would be nothing without our troops. It has pleased me to see my favorite teams supporting our soldiers lately. The Cavaliers have recently played backing a hoops for troops campaign, and my Pittsburgh Steelers looked pretty nice beating the Raiders with Camo sideline attire.

It is not reported on often enough that we are facing problems providing for our veterans. It is important to recognize the good charities like Homes For Our Troops, DAV, and Fisher House Foundation. I would like to encourage all of you to make some sort of donation to our troops this holiday season. They deserve everything these charities make happen.

Racism is still alive today, over 50 years after MLK marched at Washington D.C., and the University of Missouri did an excellent job fighting it. Their President resigned Monday after facing student protest for over a week. Jonathan Butler, a graduate student, protested via hunger strike for eight days, vowing not to eat until Tim Wolfe resigned. However, that was not the blow that led to Wolfe’s resignation, it was the football team threatening not to play Saturday against BYU. This University made history with a peaceful protest and they were able to get the president to resign in less than 10 days.

I’ve shown you two causes that are more deserving of an 800,000 person crowd than a World Series trophy. I’d love to hear your opinions on what is deserving of such a celebration. Please feel free to contact me letting me know. It’s been another great week, and I’d like to congratulate the Mustangs on a great season! I’d also like to wish the Sugarbeeters the best of luck Saturday against Fairview. GO BEETERS!


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