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By Mark Hebert

Hi-Line Has-Beens looking to defeat Harlem Ambassadors


April 13, 2016

The Harlem Ambassadors, in their 18 years as a basketball team, have compiled a record of 3,000-0, but if the Hi-Line Has-Beens have anything to say about it, that winning streak will come to an end on May 2 when the undefeated team comes to Malta.

"Streaks are meant to end and records are meant to be broken," said Has-Beens small forward Jake Stuart. "I think we will beat them by eight and we will probably score about 200 points."

Stuart and the Has-Beens have been holding practices for the last several weeks – sometimes two-a-day – under the tutelage of head coach Tony Boos. Boos declined an interview with the PCN so he could instead diagram plays in preparation for the big game. Assistant Coach Greg Kielb said that between he and Coach Boos, the Has-Beens are under supreme leadership.

"Between the two of us, I'd say we have about six-hours of coaching experience," Coach Kielb boasted. "We can win by the eight points that Jake is predicting as long as Jake remembers he doesn't have to all."

The Has-Beens roster is a virtual who's-who of Montana high school and collegiate basketball stars. Aside from Stuart – who played college ball at the University of Montana and Rocky Mountain College – the team features RJ Tollefson, Malta legend and former Battling Bear, Amber Erickson, North County Lady Mavericks head coach and former MSU-Billings player, Annie DePudyt, who played on the Class C Champ Saco Whitewater basketball team (and tournament MVP) before heading to MSU-B as well as Cody Oxarart, Caleb Harms and Shane Anderson ...who are all swell guys in their own right. Coach Kielb said filling out the Has-Been's roster was no easy feat as so many solid players showed up to team tryouts.

"We had to break a lot of hearts and cut a lot of good players," he said.

Stuart, who has predicted a win, said if the Has-Beens should pull-off the upset of the century that talks in the team huddle have been about all the players and coaches retiring from their current jobs and taking the basketball team to the pro level. Coach Kielb said he is all in for such an adventure.

"With what they are paying me, no doubt," he said.

"Our strong point is team chemistry," added Stuart. "Our weak point is physical ability. If we can overcome our weak point, the sky is the limit for this basketball team."

This will be the fourth time the Ambassadors have made their way to Malta for a game, so if you have ever seen them before, you know they are a high-flying basketball team which plays above the rim with dazzling dunks while at the same time providing a ton of comedy throughout the night.

The game will be held at the Malta High School Gym on May 2 starting at 7 p.m. Tickets are $7 for children and seniors, $10 for adults and are available at all local banks as well as Westside Convenience Store. Prior to the game, the Ambassadors will head to Malta Elementary School to host an assembly for the students and staff.


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