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Trip to Phillips County inspires future tales


April 13, 2016

Just returned to Iowa from helping someone move to your neat little town. Shopped at the supermarket, ate in the restaurants, peddled the bike path and even took in a movie with well-behaved high-schoolers.

We also took an excursion to the Little Rocky Mountains and visited a pristine church high on a hill.

I retired last year from 38 years of “working on the railroad “ and thought you might like an article explaining where all these trains honkin’ in the night with their boxes on top of boxes are going and what they are carrying.

If this would be of interest, let me know and I’ll get right on it.

Brought your paper back and my wife is looking at what she missed. Sincerely,

Mark Mayfield

Burlington, Iowa

Editor's Note: Mr. Mayfield has been given the green light to write the story he mentioned so look for it in the PCN in the coming weeks.


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