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By Dina Meneely
Malta Merchants 

Shopping locally: $50 x 12 = $1,000,000


August 31, 2016

A few weeks ago you saw our #PCLifestyle article about how $50 x 12 = $1,000,000. If you missed it, it said that if each person in the county, of working age, chooses to spend $50 of their current monthly budget, locally, we can see a benefit of over a $1,000,000 put back into our local economy. Now we want to know, how did you spend your $50 this month? Here are some of my favorites.

Myself, I spent it in a recycling bin for cans (to drop off at MOI!), a bag of concrete repair and paint for our front steps. It was so much easier than buying online or going out of town. You all know how helpful the folks at Hardware Hank can be, and they did not disappoint this time. They walked us through the options for repair and painting, and how to get the best results for our time. Again, service that you just can’t get everywhere!

Our Malta Merchant’s president Jacy Stolem spread out her local dollars across several businesses. Spare Change, Horizon’s, Albertson’s, Westside, the Super Shopper, the Mint and a medical benefit for a local resident were all recipients. As most of you know, in addition to serving as president, Jacy runs Alison’s Pantry. It allows her to provide even more food options to the area, some with a high level of convenience, to let us give a great meal and spend more time with our families. Jacy says, “This allows me to offer something to the community then, put those earnings back into the community and give to others.”

The ArtSpot’s Kathy Bagley is going to enjoy the last of summer in the yard with wood and metal fence for garden boxes and trellis, all from Farmers and Ranchers. With her skills, and those great supplies, you know something beautiful is planned. The ability to utilize our local businesses for our day to day necessities, as well as our hobbies is something we are so lucky to have right here, and what a way to make our outdoor space something special to enjoy.

PhillCo Director Ashley Stuart supported local businesses through her back to school preparations. “Just within the past two weeks,” Ashley said, “we’ve made a variety of purchases (mostly the grocery store) but a few fun and unique items come to mind.” Back to school shoes at Family Matters, a MHS sparkle bow hair band from Sew Sassy, as well as backpacks embroidered with her kids’ names were all part of her local investment. At Valley Drug, she found thinking of you greeting cards that were sent to friends out of town. Personalized items and thoughtful moments are a great way to spend locally and show your #PCLifestyle.

One wonderful thing about shopping, giving and investing locally is that increases the opportunity for even more dollars to stay local, creating a waterfall effect in the local economy, as well as the good we feel in supporting each other! With just the few purchases listed here, those dollars go back to support the businesses, then allow for the business’s employees to spend their money on what they need, and the wheel keeps spinning. Tell us your $50x12 stories on our Facebook page or email the office at, we want to hear from you and share your #PCLifestyle.


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