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Coyotes' accounts of Job Shadowing


Several students from Dodson traveled to Malta last week to participate in the inaugural Malta Chamber of Commerce Job Shadow program where they spent part of the day working with and learning from professionals in the area. What follows are opinions of how the day went and some of the things these students learned.

Blades Day Spa

By Hannah Kienenberger

On April 27, I job shadowed in Malta, Mont., at Blades Day Spa with my friend Jonnie. It was the first time I ever job shadowed.

The first hour was spent asking questions. Ann (Sautter), the owner of the salon, answered all of my questions perfectly. Once I had asked all of my questions the three of us moved on to curling and styling a mannequin hair. Jonnie and I worked together to complete the hairstyle we were shooting for.

After we completed the hairstyle we then moved to another mannequin. This time Ann took us to the back room where she stores all of her supplies and hair products. She showed us how to mix up hair color and how much to use. I chose wine red to use on its hair. As we were dying its hair I realized that it's extremely more difficult to dye hair professionally than when using the ordinary box dye.

Although I only got to spend about three hours there; I feel a lot more confident in applying for cosmetology school. If I had the option to go back to do it all again, I definitely would! I had a really fun time.

By Jordan Prewitt

First off, I had a blast.

Hannah and I had asked Ann questions and she answered them. To be completely honest, I learned so much from her. We learned how to prepare to dye, bleach and cut hair. We took pictures with our mannequins and she let us take them home.

Ann had us do an up-do. I also learned a lot of things that you should know about going into this as a career. Being a beautician is not as easy as others think it may be. There are many rules and regulations you have to follow.

I loved job shadowing for Ann and if there's anyone who wants to go and do job shadowing, I suggest Ann. But, all in all, I had a lot of fun and learned things. She made it so easy for me to choose what one of the things is that I want to do with my life.

CHS Big Sky

By Les Jones

I had a very good time at CHS Big Sky.

Jeri (Engstrom) taught us a lot. Like the components of fertilizer are NPK. The N stands for nitrogen, the P stands for phosphorus, and the K stands for potassium. And in some cases, there is an S in there. The S stands for sulfur. So if a 100-pound fertilizer bag has something like 0-0-60, then that means there is no nitrogen, no phosphorus and 60 of the 100 pounds is potassium.

I learned that Chinese fertilizer takes longer to dissolve compared to Canadian fertilizer. That's because the Chinese fertilizer is larger to where the Canadian is smaller so it won't take as long to dissolve.

We were going to go out and do a soil sample, but due to the weather, we weren't able to (that's alright though).

Jeri showed us around the shop and some of their products. All in all, it was a great day. I'm glad I got to experience this job shadowing.

By David Jaynes

I learned a lot in the job shadowing program in just the short amount of time I had with it last week. It's a great program for kids that are serious about what they want to do or want to get a sneak peek at actual job situations. These are the things I learned in the short time I had with them.

Real life work situations are sometimes hard to handle or very surprising especially when you are young or just graduated. The program taught me how to handle emergency part deliveries and how to properly address different customers. It showed me how to treat my future coworkers with respect.

I was also informed about different degrees and the educations I would need for different parts of my career as a diesel mechanic. The program will also offer some great connections for your future.

After spending the morning with the program, I learned all of these vital job needs. Most of all and the point of this paper is that this program is an amazing opportunity for young individuals looking to learn about their career choice more.

Phillips County Hospital

By: Gabriel Werk

When we got to the Hospital they split us up. I went to "The Lab'' first. While in "The Lab" I saw some really cool machinery, but I could hardly hear the man who was talking because he was pretty quiet. Next, I went to radiology where I saw them take X-rays, it was cool and I learned how x-rays are taken. The way that X-rays are taken is when they shoot electrons at a plate, the ones that bend are the ones that shoot out and are the ones that make the actual X-ray.

After I stayed there for a while longer than I should have, I went to the clinical nurses that I talked with. I asked them some questions and they told me that you have to know your limits and be a "people person" to be a nurse.

After that, I went to Physical Therapy where I learned that it takes eight years to become a Physical Therapist and you need to know all of the bones and muscles while also knowing their functions.

After that I went to the ER and I met the nurses, they were nice and I got the chance to watch her do something that I’m not sure that I’m allowed to discuss, but it was cool nonetheless.

What I learned was that you need to be social in a hospital and you need to be nice to people even if you don 't like them. All of the nurses and technicians were cool and so were the Physical Therapists. I liked most about my experience was the amount of teamwork in their workspace and it was really positive. What I didn’t 't like was "The Lab" because I could hardly hear him, but otherwise, it was a positive experience. I can use this experience in the future by being nice and going to school for being a Physical Therapist.

By Ireland Best

Last Thursday, I went to the hospital to job shadow. I learned a lot about the different job areas and what to expect in that area of the job. I also learned about all the education that goes into it. My experience was okay. I don't think it's really a line of work that I want to go into. The reason why is because I want to help people, but I don't want to help in that sort of way.

Maybe someone else who is interested in that area would like it, but it's just not something I'm that interested in. Maybe it was because the hospital in Malta just wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be. The stuff I did like about it was the people. I like to meet and talk to people, so that was really nice. This experience could help me later in life by, helping me make a decision in what I want to major in when I go to college. The connections I made on Thursday would help me later in life by knowing that if I was interested in that line of work, I would have connections to help me get a job somewhere.

By Sophia Hebert

Because of my interest in the medical field, my job shadowing on Thursday, April 27 of 2017, took place at Phillips County Hospital. There were five stations, which included Physical Therapy, Labs, Radiology, Clinic, and the Emergency Room (E.R.). This gave me a diverse introduction into the medical field.

After experiencing each station, I learned that my interest lies in Emergency Services. I liked E.R the best because there is a wide range of experiences and you would probably never have the same day twice. I also enjoyed talking to the E.R. nurses because they were very insightful and helpful and it seemed that they truly loved their job. They were positive people who make a real difference in people's lives. The experience has inspired me to pursue a career as an E.R. nurse.

I am grateful for the opportunity to job shadow at Phillips County Hospital and to experience so many jobs in the medical field. I look forward to pursuing a professional career in the field of medicine.


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