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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Not bad at all PCH


February 14, 2018

My wife and I were on our way to Glasgow to have a look at our unborn child and somehow emergency room situations came up.

We were out of town this past fall and a medical emergency came up where a family member had to be rushed to the hospital.

Susan and I stayed behind with the family’s children and we noticed that it took the healthcare provider a while to get to the patient.

I thought back to times that I had to go to the emergency room in my hometown, a town of about 70,000, and I realized that it took them a while to get to me, though I was clearly concussed and had a gash in the back of my head.

There was also another emergency in which I went with some college friends for a midnight swim, at a hotel that we had no business being in. It was the one time that I intentionally did something extremely sketchy and it backfired.

A friend of a friend of mine was an extremely skilled swimmer and she tried showing off by swimming to one side of the pool and then tried to go under. Well, it was at the end of the pool that her head met up with a cement step.

After that, we had to get her out of the pool and over a fence to get to a car that sped to the nearest hospital. That car, not mine, was pulled over. They explained what happened and then were allowed to rush to the hospital.

It took around three hours for that young lady to be seen by the provider at that hospital, which was also a “Christian Care Hospital.” Eventually, she got her stitches as did the first example in my story.

I said all of that to say this. In my experiences with the Phillips County Hospital Emergency Room, the staff was quick to access things and took care of our issues to the best of their abilities right away.

We have only needed to go there twice, but both times they dealt with us quicker than any other hospital emergency room that I have been associated with. I hope we won’t have to test them out again anytime soon.


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