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By Gary Weitz
Dodson School Superintendent 

It's that time of year again

from the Superintendent's Desk


March 14, 2018

For many of us in education March signifies the beginning of two things; 1). March Madness Basketball and 2). Smarter Balance State Testing. In both, the formula for success can be the same.

For the next two months, schools across our great state will embark on the annual Smarter Balance academic testing of elementary, middle and secondary students grades 3-8, 10 and 11.

Although No Child Left Behind....was left behind ... in large part because reality finally had to be faced ... there remains no reason that 100-percent academic proficiency shouldn't always be the goal. In Dodson, our school board, our staff, and our students have bought into the formula that provides the structure for sustained success in academic achievement. Our recent 2016-17 Smarter Balance results in Reading and Math easily compete and surpass statewide results in overall academic achievement and students sitting comfortably in the proficient levels.

In Dodson, however, it's not "just" about a "year-end" test. It's about what we do every day to make sure that our teachers receive the best tools and resources to work with and that our students receive quality instruction by those teachers on a daily basis. When those components of the formula are done in a positive and caring teaching and working climate ... then the results will always be enhanced student learning and achievement. Research proves that. The Smarter Balance Assessment will simply show that.

It's that time of year again!! Maybe this year my Gonzaga Bulldogs will win the final game!


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