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By Ward C. VanWichen

They KEI (Keeping Everyone Informed) Phillips County Hospital for March 2018

In an effort to improve our Phillips County Hospital communication, connection and to work more and differently to Keep Everyone Informed please see below for a quick snap shot of our Campus Happenings


April 11, 2018

•Continue to be excited about having a 4th Provider here (Shane Jenson, FNP) on our PCH campus and learning/growing with what all that means to our care & services we are able to provide.

•We continue to have nursing students training from Aaniiih Nakoda College as well as several Family Nurse Practitioners from different college programs doing their training.

•Excited for the completion of our clinic Nurse station remodel as the only thing left is to put some glass around each station. We thank everyone for your patience and understanding while going through the process.

•Starting the initiation of Chronic Care Management with Laurie Uphaus and our Providers as well as looking at Welcome to Medicare and Medicare Annual visits

•Starting work on incorporating behavioral health into our Family practice clinic with Care Managers - Jo, Jessica and our Practitioners.

•Have started work on our Antibiotic Stewardship program so as to use antibiotics more efficiently and effectively.

•Working towards implementing some limited Ultra Sound services and then to hopefully grow the service further.

•Excited to start community education on Stop the Bleed. Contact Sherry Gairrett or Lonna Crowder.

A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within 5 minutes, therefor it is important to quickly stop the blood loss.

Stop the Bleed – Call 911, Apply pressure with the hands, apply dressing and press, apply tourniquet.

•Groups or organizations please contact Riley Abrahamson of the PC Ambulance Service for class on.

Hands Only CPR – is a technique where ONLY chest compressions are delivered instead of chest of compressions and rescue breaths.

2 Steps to Saving a Life – Call 911, push hard, push fast!

•Looking at ways to address Opioid misuse/abuse.

•Looking at developing and initiating a Pain Management Program with Shane Jenson, FNP being the lead Practitioner.

•Continue hosting and being a part of community Suicide Prevention conversations.

•Continue being a part of monthly community wide conversations and identifying Community Needs and finding shared solutions.

-Sound system in City Hall, maintaining healthcare professionals in our community, helping find space for MOI during construction, helping Boys/Girls Club with needed repairs, day care services and bringing Mental Health First Aide to our community.

•Completed our Community Health Needs Assessment and have identified the follows areas to work on and towards:

- Access to health care - specialists, telehealth, expansion of new care

- Access to behavioral/mental health— professionals and services.

-Promote health, wellness and disease prevention— wellness fair, community education, marketing/outreach, chronic disease management.

•Recognitions – Tissue Donation Referral Achievement Award from LifeCenter Northwest and Certificate of Excellence from MT DPHHS for Tumor Registry.


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