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Applauding letters to the editor about APR


Dear Editor,

This is my approval of Jack D. Jones letter to the editor on May 2, 2018, on his objection to the change of livestock to domestic hybrid bison on public lands. I don't have knowledge of the laws, but I do concur with his disapproval of the change to year-round grazing of pastures. Do people in New Jersey know what is best for Montana? Do they want free-roaming bison in their backyard? Why not start an APR in New Jersey? Why not them instead of ruining Montana?

Shall we put a law in to have only 10 head of bison per ranch that APR acquires? Just call it a hobby herd? If the BLM approves of year-round grazing, why not the the whole United States? The BLM and our congressmen should protect the people of Montana, not the APR.

The APR is making the people of Montana hate the bison. We have bison from Florida to California, from Mexico to Canada, do we need anymore bison anywhere? Can anyone prove to me we do?

Congratulations to Noel Emond, Jacob's Ranch and Jack D. Jones for writing to the editor. Let's all do this. Let's make the whole paper letters to the editor.

I am certain that we need an environmental impact statement, it is needed on everything. A government requirement.

The Jacobs say you might be next. Montana residents, let's not let this happen. This is a must. Thanks for putting up with me, an opinionated reader.


David Grimsley

Missoula, Montana


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