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My great failure Part 3


So, we made it to the third part of my great failure.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been talking mostly about Taco Bell and my quest to try their delicious looking fries.

Of course, it all starts with television.

One of the things I do miss most about living in a bigger town is the availability to impulsively buy anything I see on TV.

It drives the fat part of my mind crazy when I see any restaurant or fast-food commercial only to know that that dining establishment is over 100 miles away.

Yes, there are many perks to living in Eastern Montana, but not being able to pick up a Whopper or Baconator is not one of them.

So, seeing that my favorite restaurant in the world (Taco Bell), was unveiling French fries on their menu, I wanted to taste them more than anything that I had ever tasted.

When my wife, family and I go out of town (and many times in town), my first instinct is to eat something tasty.

Then I first realize that I am not a college kid and generally we are staying with family that provides home-cooked meals. So, in other words, that first Taco Bell experience I had in Billings a few weeks ago should have been the time that I purchased the fries.

That, of course, didn’t happen because as seen in part one of this series, I was so overjoyed that I had forgotten about the fries. Then I got sick due to over-medication.

So, on our final day in Billings, we found ourselves getting lunch and having to eat out as a family. This is when I was going to FINALLY get Taco Bell FRIES!!!

I got to the window to order them. I then asked if they still had the fries and to my great dismay, Taco Bell no longer served the fries I so coveted.

My heart shattered and though I wanted to cry… I ended up ordering a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and another burrito item.

Some things just weren’t meant to be. If Taco Bell promotes French fries again, I will swim through whatever flood, brave any blizzard or drive through any wildfire to get them. But first, I better get Susan’s permission.

This thing with the Taco Bell fries may be over for now, but it is not finished.


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