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By Eldora Henry
PCN Correspondent 

Dodson News for June 27, 2018


Dora Henry's grandson, Jim Lautenschlager and son Bennett of Great Falls visited at Dora's on Tuesday.

Dora always manages to use the kids to help with a few chores while they are here.

Polly Solberg returned from Ismay where she had been helping her son Nathan.

Terri Cole had meetings in Malta on Wednesday.

We have been having rains every night for a week now. It sure helps the things stay green but is becoming difficult to get yard work done between the rains.

Dodson made the news and caused considerable consternation when two ladies wrecked their car, swerving to miss a Kangaroo on Highway 2. We've had moose, a big boar pig and a wolverine — now a kangaroo? What next?

Rob and Cathy Bear were in town Saturday mowing some of their property and also some of the Capdeville property.

David and Rosie Williams of Peyton, Colorado spent the weekend at Edward and Polly Solberg's. David is the son Sarah Ostlund.

It rained again on Friday night, Saturday evening, Saturday night and had two good showers on Sunday morning. Once the faucet was turned on it can't seem to stop.

Birthday greetings are sent to all having a birthday this week, including Janice Edmister and Pete James.

Anniversary greetings are sent to John and Pattie Wilke, Sid and Merrimae Solberg, Bob and Zella Meschke and all others having an anniversary.

I listen to critics because often they are a good source of information for what you have to do differently.


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