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Extreme Midget Wrestling


Mark Hebert

Little Outlaw jumps off of the top rope in the Extreme Midget Wrestling Event held at Malta's City Hall on Monday, July 2.

Extreme Midget Wrestling took over Malta's City Hall on Monday, July 2, in an event that featured plenty of entertainment style hardcore wrestling.

The event nearly packed out the upstairs bleachers as well as sixteen tables at floor level.

The event's coordinator, Susan "Peanut" Green of the Mint Bar, was pleased with the outcome of the event and the group's performance.

"It is actually going way better than I had figured," Green told the PCN at the event. "I figured we would have had some hiccups but everything has been going great."

Green was also impressed by the talent of the wrestlers.

"It is pretty impressive and it has been a good show," Green said.

Green's seven-year-old nephew Corvin Salveson has been the most excited about the event from Green's perspective.

He was asked what he thought was going to happen that night.

"I think they are going to punch each other and slam each other on the ground," Corvin said.

He was really excited about the possible use of a steel garbage can, which was on the group's rider, or list of items needed to perform.

"They are probably going to hit each other on the head," Corvin said.

Later that night, the PCN caught up with Camri Salveson, Corvin's four-year-old sister who was also a fan of the event. She shared her favorite part of the event so far.

"I liked when one of them knocked the other one out," Camri said.

More specifically, Camri was talking about the time that Chicken Little knocked out Little Outlaw with a garbage can.

Four-year-old Titus Carnahan could be seen running in excitement during the event.

"I like it because they are fighting," Titus said.

He was asked who his favorite wrestler was.

"The chicken," Titus said. "He was funny looking."

Titus had a funny interaction with Chicken Little during his match against Little Outlaw.

"The chicken asked him if he had bit his butt," his mother Amanda Carnahan said.

Of course, it wasn't Titus but Little Outlaw who had tried a sample of the uncooked chicken.

According to Titus, Little Outlaw was afraid of him.

"Because of my big muscles," Titus said.

Titus went on to share what kids his age missed if they didn't see Extreme Midget Wrestling.

"How funny it was," Titus said.

Amanda was a fan of the event.

"I think it was awesome and Peanut did an awesome job," Amanda said. "It's family friendly. It really is. The kids are having a blast."

Pete Dalby has been a longtime fan of World Wrestling Entertainment.

"Since it was in Georgia, down at Peach Tree Street," said Dalby, who at the time was stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia. "I used to go there when I was in the army in 1983."

Having seen wrestling live then and Extreme Midget Wrestling, Dalby gave the local event his approval.

"It's a great time," Dalby said. "Not too bad of a crowd. It's been fun and I enjoyed it."

Dalby enjoyed the athleticism and entertainment of the event.

"They are athletic, jumping off the ropes, having a great time and showing everybody else how it's done," Dalby said.


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