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By Mark Hebert

Malta student ends reign as Hays Princess


August 29, 2018

Mark Hebert

2017-18 Hays Senior Princess Aubri Werk dances at the Lodge Pole Pow last July.

Malta Middle School eighth grade student Aubri Werk - who generally graces the pages of this newspaper in regard to her scholastic, ranching, and athletic prowess - spent the last year crowned as the Hays Senior Princess in her hometown of Hays, Mont.

The PCN caught up with Werk at the Phillips County Fair in Dodson where she was just a week away from crowning her successor at the Hays Powwow and was busy with Open Class entries (she would win a purple ribbon in bread in the Open Class.) Werk explained she earned her crown last year when her predecessor, Kassi Perez of Lodge Pole, Mont., picked her for the honor as the two have known each other for many years.

"It has been a great honor and I have enjoyed myself," Werk said of the honor.

Werk's - who was recently given the name of Blue Sage Woman by her family, named after her great aunt - said her duties as Hays Senior Princess included attending powwows around the state and representing the town of Hays where she should would "dance and have fun." Werk added that she is skilled in both Traditional and Jingle Dances.

"I've been doing Jingle since I was six and Traditional since about the age of 10," Werk said. "Jingle is probably my favorite of the two because there is more movement and is more fun to do."

Mark Hebert

Aubri Werk, Hays Senior Princess, rides in the Lodge Pole Powwow Parade in July.

Aforementioned, another duty of Werk as Hays Senior Princess was to name a new princess. Though she couldn't say so at the time of her initial interview with the PCN, Werk has since confirmed that Talayeh Walker will fill her shoes as Hays Senior Princess next year. Walker attends Hays-Lodge Pole High School and is 14-years old.

"I picked her because she is someone that I know that loves to dance and she is a great person to hang out with and I just know that she will fulfill that roll in the best ways possible," Werk said.

Werk gave up her crown at last month's Hays Powwow, which said is always her favorite Powwow each year. Other qualities Werk was looking for in the next Hays Senior Princess was kindness, respect and someone who dances for a reason. As for her post Princess days, Werk said she will be playing sports at Malta Middle School and continuing to ranch.


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