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By Mark Hebert

Doggies Paddle

City Pool ends season with 'Doggie Dip'


September 19, 2018

Mark Hebert

Marley, an 8-month old Springer Spaniel, tries to decide is she should pose of the camera or go after her ball at last Thursday night's "Doggie Dip" at the Malta Municipal Pool, hosted by Malta Parks and Rec.

The clouds parted, and the sun shined brightly for the first ever Malta Parks & Rec Doggie Dip which marked the last day of the Municipal Pool holding water following a long summer season last Thursday night.

Malta Parks & Rec’s Co-Director Natalie Judd, while trying to sink a set of wooden stairs with cinder blocks for the dogs to climb in and out of the pool with, said that the City had been approached for the last few years about holding a day for the dogs and this year was the year.

“We thought, why not, let the dogs have their fun before we drain the pool,” Judd said. “This has all been pretty easy to put together, except for these steps. Malta has never had anything like this, so we aren’t sure how it is going to turn out.”

Only a hand-full of dogs and owners showed up for the event and the first pooch to the party, Marley – a 9-month-old, black and white Springer Spaniel, chaperoned by her human, Eric Maxie (and Grandpa Bob) — was a little apprehensive about making her first leap.

“She usually jumps right in,” Eric said after tossing an orange ball into the water and hollering “go get it.”

Marley skirted around the lip of the pool, pointing her snout in the ball’s general direction, but no dice.

Maxie retrieved a small stick and tossed that into the pool and again said “go get it,” this time more of a question than a demand.

“I think this is a pretty cool idea,” Eric said as he watched Marley watch her ball and stick float to the center of the pool.

“You take her to the lake and you can’t keep her out of it,” Grandpa Maxie said.

Kalvin, a Welsh Corgi chaperoned by her human, Zach Handley, was next to the party and instead of jumping in the pool, Kalvin chased Marley, and Marley chased Kalvin. Eventually (maybe showing off for her new friend) Marley made the leap into the pool and got her stick. Kalvin, not to be outdone (and with a helpful hand from Zach) took his first dip in the pool, circling the submerged stairs, kicking his tiny arms and legs with all his might. At some point, PCN mascot Langston might have been pushed in the pool, might not have liked that idea and might have had to be helped up the steps by Judd. Maybe.

All told, the night was deemed a success and hopes are to have another Doggie Dip next year.


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