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17 students named to Student of the Month in Dodson


November 14, 2018

Dodson Public School has released the names of 16 students names Student of the Month for September from the elementary, middle, and high schools. Each student is listed below by grade with a short write up from one of their teachers. Congratulations, Coyotes.

Grade 1: *Madison Decelles is a creative, fun-loving first grader. She does well with all her assignments. Madison looks out for those in her classroom and tries to be a help wherever.

*Dallas Baker is a kind student who is always willing to help with jobs when it is needed.

Grade 2: Emily Fetter works hard every day and always has a positive attitude. She has a willingness to learn and strives to be the best student she can. She is an exceptional student and person. Way to go!!

Grade 5: *Kylee Ball is a joy to have in class. Kylee also has a very good work ethic. Kylee takes her time and makes sure she turns in quality work on time.

Grade 6: *Jeremiah Henry has returned to us and is starting the year off great. He works hard and gives his best in every area of academics, demonstrating his love of learning. He stays on task and is a joy to have in the classroom! Creative and inquisitive, Jeremiah has added another amazing level to our wonderful class.

Grade 7: *Kataya Flansburg is always ready for class and active in participating in discussions,

has a smile on her face, and is willing to help her peers without hesitation.

*Imagin Fox takes time to help others any chance she gets.

Grade 8: Conan Cuts the Rope is a polite and diligent student who is willing to learn and asks for help if needed. He is always on time handing in all his homework and does it neatly and almost always 100%. He is mature, kind, and very respectful.

*Lindsey Fetter remembers past instruction, polite, understands Math class is for doing the math. She works quietly and efficiently.

Grade 9: Serena Chandler is well motivated, polite, and pays attention in class. She is really involved in her learning.

*Ithay Heck always turn in above the line work. She is mature, responsible, and respectful.

Grade 10: *Tiffany Cliff asks questions, works hard, and does not waste class time. She is really involved in her learning.

*Sophia Hebert is always prompt with her homework which is always A work. She is mature, responsible, and respectful.

*Ireland Best understands concepts, polite, and is willing to take an educated guess.

Grade 11: *Christina Jaynes was instrumental in starting an FFA chapter at Dodson High School. She recruited members, assisted with paperwork, and was elected president of the chapter. At the first FFA contest, she placed well in livestock judging and range judging. In Ag class and school, she is a model student and a positive role model. She puts in hard work without expecting a "hand-out" from teachers. She earns her grade in her classes through this mindset and good work ethic. She always hands in A work on time or early. She is always respectful and tries very hard to keep learning.

*Landis Walker: In Geology class, he is interested, pays attention in class, and willing to learn new concepts.

Grade 12: *Shania KillEagle has great attendance and does her work neatly and thoughtfully. She is dedicated to learning new crafts and provides solid input as she works.


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