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By Pierre Bibbsq
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Fatman basketballers take the court


November 14, 2018

Pierre Bibbs

Cayton Dupree takes flight for a layup during last Sunday's Fatman Basketball game.

The Malta High School Old Gym once again kicked off another season of Fatman Basketball on Sunday, November 11.

Though the name implies that its players are obese, the game is just an intramural setting for men 18 and over that play to stay or get into shape.

"It's just for us old guys that are out of shape," coordinator Nate Fried said. "The other guys might be fast, but not me. It's only the end of the first quarter and I am ready to call a timeout. Come back at the end of the month and I might be in better shape."

Fried has been a part of Fatman Basketball for years in the Old Gym. It was an event that was led by the late Don Nevrivy. It typically starts before winter officially begins and ends when the weather warms up.

The group plays every Wednesday starting at 5 p.m. and every Sunday at 7 p.m.

"We do it that way so other people can make it," Fried said. "Some people can't make it on either Sunday or Wednesday."

The group played a game of full-court hoops on their opening day, and with only one substitute, players took turns subbing in and out of the game.

One player present that night was Gordon Webb, who is known for his accolades on the golf course, but he played basketball for his first three years at Malta High School.

"I haven't exercised in a while and that's about all this is for me," Webb said. "It's fun to come out and play a little bit."

Webb was asked to compare the two sports, and answered like a true athlete.

"I love every sport that I play," he said. "Just getting out and doing something is fun. Obviously, I am a little better at golf."

Webb had been playing Fatman Basketball every year until he and his wife Katharine welcomed their son Calum into the world a couple of years ago.

Brett Jaynes, a former Dodson Coyote basketball player, was also present.

"I had friends in Malta throughout high school and we would come here in our high school days and they would only let high school kids play if there weren't enough older men," Jaynes said. "After we graduated, we started coming here more and more and they accepted me."

Jaynes shared what he loved so much about the atmosphere that Fatman Basketball provides.

"I enjoy playing basketball with the people that I see every day," Jaynes said. "I'm looking at homes from Shane (Anderson), I am good friends with Nathan (Fried) and all of these guys. I have watched them go to college and come back here to keep playing ball. It keeps us in shape and keeps us talking. We are all friends."

For those who are interested in a pickup game with the Fatman Ballers, there is no fee, and please bring your own insurance.

"Just show up," Fried said. "We divide and conquer."


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