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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Twenty-four teams show for Putt Crawl in Malta


November 21, 2018

Pierre Bibbs

The Teletubbies, a team consisting of Dean Yeadon, Justin Paul, Travis Somerfeld, and Kevin Ebert surround Jessica Cebulski during the 7th Annual Malta Putt Crawl.

It was a big weekend for the Malta Chamber as it hosted many events, but Saturday Night was the group's largest Fall fundraiser, the 7th Annual Malta Putt Crawl.

Twenty-four teams, many of which had themes and costumes, visited local bars and restaurants for the cross-town mini-golf event.

"We have got some Teletubbies, some Bathing Beauties, we have got some Big Putts, we've got The Price is Right, Pac-Man, and Cards Against Humanity," Malta Chamber Executive Director Ann Sautter told the PCN.

The nine-hole event featured nine different venues including Stretch's Pizza, Lucky Bullet, Stockman Bar, Mint Bar, Great Northern, Blue Ridge Brewing, Tin Cup, Westside Casino, and Kid Curry Lounge. The event drags in many locals and a few out of county participants every year.

"We did great last year, we have about the same number of teams this year, so the consistency is perfect," Sautter said. "It's very invigorating seeing all these people come out with their costumes and being so excited to come out and participate in a local event that supports all of our local taverns, restaurants, and businesses."

The main event was won by I Like Big Putts (C.J. Bishop, Karey Bishop, Jesse Young, and Kayla Young), a team with a play of words from Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back. The team won the title in a sudden death putt off between Big Putts and Teletubbies. Prior to their championship win, the PCN caught up with Karey Bishop of Big Putts.

"We saw a shirt that said 'Talk Birdy to me,'" Bishop said. "Then we started looking on Amazon and found all of the different shirts that referenced 'putt' as 'butt' and two days ago we decided to stuff fake butts."

The PCN also caught up with the J.A.B.S., a team consisting of Shane Carnahan, Amanda Carnahan, Brett Peigneux, and Jay Rhoads during their fourth hole at the Tin Cup.

"It's fun," Carnahan said. "It's going really good, everyone is having a blast, everybody we are running into is having a great time. You can't beat it."

Shane and the other J.A.B.S. had previously been to the few venues on the outskirts of town. He shared his opinion on which course had the toughest hole and the hole was so difficult the team couldn't finish it.

"The toughest hole so far was the Kid Curry Casino," Shane said. "We had to hit a 3x3 square and go uphill. It's difficult. We called it in six."

The Best Dressed award went to Teletubbies while the last place trophy went to the team named "Heidi, Brandi, Theresa, and Bobbie", and Stretch's Pizza was awarded the Best Putt Hole.


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