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Christmas Stories from Phillips County Students


December 19, 2018

World War Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and our family plus our elf on the shelf Sprinkles (Sprinkles already came on the last day of November) but they are coming over for Christmas but all of my family has one reason why we all hate each other it’s of an incident that we had one Christmas that our Elf Sprinkles open everybody's Christmas presents one year and he left a note saying “To bad so sad Santa said no presents for any of because u all have been bad.” But for some reason, my family still comes for Christmas.

Today is Christmas day so I must be ready for anything when the family comes. I must help with everything around the house and be good around Sprinkles, so he sees everybody. Once everyone arrives, they all try to get in the door with millions of presents for me and the rest of the family and Sprinkles but the dogs jumping on everybody trying to get in the door, while the adults try to move the dogs out of the way.

Not even an hour passes, and now I’m fighting my siblings trying not to hit them but out of nowhere my mom comes in the room yelling out “Stop fighting with your siblings or all of you will not have any presents!” Then we all hear a little laugh and a slam by the door that almost cracks. We try not to fight while all of the elves on the shelf Sprinkles is watching us like a hawk threatening to take our Christmas presents or tell Santa we are being bad.

It has been over six hours of all the kids playing in and outside for the longest time of their lives. Christmas dinner is ready, and everyone is sitting around the kids, table and the big table. The kids are playing and laughing at the kid’s tale, the men and I are talking about sports and video games, while the woman is talking about shopping and beauty. It has been about five- or seven-minutes getting Christmas dinner and I have to admit it would have a bunch of dogs trying to get the food and kids crying for dinner, while the rest of us are sitting there waiting for Christmas dinner.

After Christmas dinner, we all gathered around the Christmas tree waiting for the adults to tell us we could open our presents. But when I looked at the Christmas presents there were no names on any of the presents, so I said in my head “Oh no this is going to be a disaster”. The adults finally call out “You guy can open Christmas presents”! Now all of the kids are rushing to open there presents while I’m over away from the disaster trying not to get in trouble when all of the kids see that their presents don’t have names on them. So now everybody is fighting about who gets this and who gets what, but one parent said “those are the fake presents, not the real presents.” Now the Christmas presents are finally out and everybody is calm down so now Christmas was really like a war after all.

Landon Johnsen


The Reindeer

I was standing in Albertsons when a reindeer walks into the store. I knew it was Santa’s, so I got on and rode away on him. I knew it was him because it had horns. I had to go to the North Pole, but I had no pixie dust to make the reindeer fly. Then an elf came up to me and gave me some pixie dust. He went in the store to get groceries to take to Santa. Then I got stuck in a snowstorm four times, and it was the same one. The elf said its name was Cupid but anyway I ran out of pixie dust seven times and the elf said the pixie dust could go up to ten times. So I got scared. Finally, I made it to the red and white house. I went up to Santa and said you forget a reindeer. Santa was so happy he let me in and we had cookies and milk. He put me on the nice list and we made toys together. I made a car, a bicycle, a hat, and a Christmas tree. But the problem was I could not get home. Santa let me go on his sleigh and I got to deliver presents. When we got to my house he dropped me off in my yard. I went to sleep and pretend nothing ever happened.

Alex Oshio


The Snowman Mystery

I just put the finishing touch on the best snowman I’ve ever built. Suddenly my snowman came alive. I didn't know what to do! I was freaking out. Then I got an idea. I can keep the snowman, but my mom can't see it because she will freak out. Then I had another idea. I can put her in the tree house my mom and dad built for me. But then I wondered how can I get the snowman up and down the tree house. Then I called my sister JC, and right after she saw the snowman she freaks out and almost fainted. I told her it will not hurt you at all. It is nice. We came up with an idea. We need two ropes to tie a flat seated swing to get the female snowman into and out of the tree house. Then my mom came and saw us getting the snowman more like a snowgirl into the tree house and said, “We can not have a living snowman living in our tree house. Finally, a few weeks later when the weather warmed up, the snowman’s short life had a painful end. After that my mom never let me build a snowman again.

Adreanna Nelson


Snowball the Snowman

I was just finishing my snowman, and it comes to life. I asked him if I could call him Snowball and he said yes. Next, I climbed on his back and we went through town. We ate candy canes and gumdrops. Then I said, “We should go home now.”

He replied, “Okay.” Mom asked where I went, and I told her my snowman came to life. Mom was not happy! She grounded me so I couldn’t

play outside. When she left, though, I did anyway. Then Snowball turned back into a snowman. Mom never knew about me playing in the snow!

Abigail Wright


Santa and the Aliens

One night on Christmas Eve… in the year 2030, Santa was gearing up his sleigh, when aliens saw him as he flew away. The aliens squinted at the details of the sleigh. They were curious about the unidentified flying object. They found out the purpose of the sleigh was to carry Santa, strange colorful boxes in a bright red tie-up bag, elves, and some reindeer were carrying the sleigh across the planet. They pulled out their tractor beam and took the presents, one by one. They disappeared into a tunnel of neon greenish-blueish light. After some aliens went through the presents, the leader became curious and put Santa into a pit he couldn’t climb out of, jumped onto the sleigh, and studied the details they missed. The alien leader through all the presents out of the sleigh. Then, he cackled as all the leftover electronics and toys plummeted towards the town and hit the ground with a “ZAP!” Then Comet alerted the others and they threw him off. The reindeer brought Santa to the bits and pieces to fix. He did, and Christmas was saved!

Aeowyn Austin


Up on the housetop

Filled with anticipation, I hurdled out of my bed at around 3:00 AM. I didn’t want to bother my parents; they had a busy work rush at the store last night. Creeping outside the door, I stepped cautiously into the indoor balcony, overlooking the kitchen on the first floor. A faint glow came from the living room. I crept onto the stairs quietly and cautiously, and then I saw him.

A short, chubby man wearing all red. He was kind of ghostly, translucent, and seemed to be hovering about an inch from the floor. He had a bright glow and a jolly, old face. It was Santa Claus. Next to him was a reindeer, as ghostly as him, with a shiny red nose. Rudolph was there, too. Santa was leaving a red and green sleigh under the colorful Christmas tree in front of all the gifts my parents got me and began dipping the cookies in the milk we left out last night. As I saw him walk out of the living room into the back garage door, a rush of excitement came over me. Santa is real!

I fell asleep on the couch a few minutes later, and after 2 hours, my parents came down. I told them all about what happened last night. Instead of excited, they looked disappointed. After a few minutes, my Mom spoke up. “Oh, dear…Santa…” she said slowly, “isn’t real,” I looked at them in shock.

“No, no I saw him! He was like a ghost!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, I… I’m sorry, he just doesn’t exist. I’m sorry”, said dad.

I looked at the sleigh. “What about that?” I said as I pointed out the sleigh. Mom whispered to dad, “Since when did you get that?” “I’m not sure.”

I lifted up the sleigh. “What about this?”

“Erm-”. Dad tried to explain. “And- and the cookies?” Mom and Dad were confused. “Didn’t you eat them?” Mom asked Dad. “No, I forgot.” I stepped outside. It was about 5:00 AM, so it was freezing. “Or- or that?” I pointed up in awe.

Santa was riding away up in the sky. We could barely see him, but we could make him out. He yelled (albeit really hard to hear), “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!”

“Woah…” My parents and I said at the same time.

“I guess Santa is real after all!” said Dad. I was bouncing up and down. We all smiled and walked inside slowly and tiredly. We tore open the gifts and ate a Christmas dinner. It was the best Christmas ever!

Carter Pippin


Snowmen Troubles

I woke up in the morning, but like everyone, I wanted more sleep. For some reason, I can’t take naps. Anyways, I ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, and got dressed.

I decided to make a snowman. Then I eventually got it done and had the best snowman I have ever made. But I got blinded. My words were, “You are kidding me!” There was a walking snowman, and he literally went running around town. Then I noticed something. The snowman was bringing other snowmen to life! I thought I was dreaming. But I wasn’t because I slapped myself for proof okay! Um, “Oops I think I made a mistake.” The snowmen have begun flooding houses with snow! In other words, they have been knocking on people’s doors and when they answer, all the snowmen throw snowballs. I locked myself in the bathroom, but before that locked the doors. I knew the snowmen would get in, but I wanted my Xbox one S to last a little bit longer. Plus, if anything happens, I am trapping them in the basement and turning on the thermostat to full heat! Well, I just did that, and my Xbox is safe! Oh, man, tomorrow is Christmas! Well, I guess this is when it ends. So, Merry Christmas!

Bridger Benton



We started to look for the snowman in the front yard. We ran after it and saw it in the street. It almost got ran over. The person screamed and almost crashed. So, we took him to the park to play for a while. Then we went home and slept for awhile. Soon we went back outside then he was gone. We looked for him. Then we found him in the park. Most of the people that saw him fainted. But the little kids just ran and hid. Next, we brought him back to our house and played in the snow for a while. After a while we went inside. Then in the night we played hide and seek, but he was getting tired. So we went inside and went to bed. The next morning we went outside, and he was sleeping on the slide. We woke him up and scared him.

Amelia Johannesen


Drinking Hot Chocolate While Opening Presents

My family has many traditions. One of them is drinking hot chocolate while opening presents. On Christmas day we always wake up early and go look under the tree. We always get so excited that we go and disturb everyone in the house including our parents. Let’s just say they get a little mad at us for waking them up, and they say Rylee and I are the “early birds”. Later we all get into the living room and sort all the presents. We take some pictures for memories. Also, we go into the kitchen and get hot chocolate. Then we start to open them. One year I got art supplies from Santa! I love Christ-mas because of its Jesus’s birthday!!!!!! I also stay up until Santa comes, and then I pretend to be asleep. Well, sometimes I manage to stay up until Santa comes! But that doesn’t work all the time!!

Averee Matthews


A Real Live Snowman

One winter night I was outside in the snow. I was building a snowman. After a couple of hours, I was done. Now I could start decorating. I had just put the finishing touches on my snowman, a hat, a scarf, and some coal for the mouth and buttons for the eyes. It looked perfect. Then I stepped back and looked at the snowman. I believed his name could be Bob. Mom called me for dinner, so I told Bob, “You better be here tomorrow.” There was supposed to be a snow storm. Then I went inside. After I ate dinner, I put my pajamas on and went to bed. It was the middle of the night before I started getting really cold. I woke up and my window was open, and there was snow everywhere. Suddenly something made a noise. It sounded like a voice, and it was coming from my closet.” Peek a boo,” said a man jumping out of my closet. Then I asked, “Who are you?” and he walked into the light. It was a snowman, my snowman. Then I started to scream. Before anyone got out of to help, he ran to me and put his stick hand on my mouth. He finally calmed me down enough to say, “Hello my name is Bob. I’m your snowman.” I asked, “Are you real?” He said, “Yes I’m real you believe in me, and I came to life.” So, when it was the morning I ate breakfast and went outside with Bob. We played lots of games like tag and hide in go seek. It was pretty fun. One time at night when I was sleeping, and he was outside a reindeer from Santa's sleigh came over and ate his nose. So, I had to tell mom to give me another one. Then it was a day after Christmas the snow was starting to melt, and I knew Bob would melt.I wanted mom to take Bob to the mountains, but she said, “No.” Then I asked if she could take him to the ice rink because there was pretty cold. Again, she said no. So, the last thing I asked was can we ship him to Antarctica. Again, she said no. Then Bob started melting, and he was melting fast! Before he was gone, he said, “I will be back next year if you believe. But for now, I’m a pile of snow.” I started to cry and mom came out and said, “It was just a snowman.” But what mom didn't know was he was a real alive snowman. I guess he will be back next year or at least I hope he will. He was my best friend my only friend. Right then, right there I said Merry Christmas, Bob and to all your snowman friends. I waited for next Christmas and believed, and he came back. I was so happy I jumped in his arms. Maybe I was a little too happy and Bob was happy too. I was relieved he was back. I said Merry Christmas, Bob and he said you too.

Aidyn Barnett



It is Jan.1, and it started snowing hard. I was playing outside making a snowman, just then it started snowing. We had to go inside (we mean my brother and me) because of the snow. My brother wanted to stay outside, but he couldn’t. Jan.10, it’s been snowing hard for a few days! The snow is almost blocking the door, so we couldn’t get out. We had some hot chocolate. Dad went to the store, but first, he had to shovel the snow out before he went to the store. Jan.26, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked outside the window this morning! We have a two-story house, and the snow was almost to my window! I have my bedroom on the second story. Jan.30, the snow is covering the house now, it’s been like this for a few days. So, we just sat inside and played video games. Jan.31, it finally stopped snowing…., but now it started raining and snowing! It was only snowing and raining for a little while. We went outside and then when we got outside, I can’t believe what I saw! It was the reindeer, Dancer, Prancer, Dixon, Vixon, Dasher, Donner, Comet, Cupid, and Rudolph!!! I asked them what they were doing here, and they said,” Santa has crashed somewhere near your house and we’re trying to find him,” Comet explained. Rudolph the youngest of the reindeer spoke up, “We think he might have lost his toy bag. Jack Frost cast a spell on him and made Santa go into his sleigh. When he broke free from the spell, Santa found himself speeding toward the ground. We tried to stop, but it was too late. His hands broke free of the reins. That’s when he crashed into your backyard.” I replied back to Rudolph, “We’ll help you find him and his toy bag. Right, Jeremy?” I saw Jeremy shaking inside. “Are you serious Jeremy? They’re just reindeer! They're not gonna hurt us!” I exclaimed. “A-all right….” Just then Santa and the toy bag crashed down. “There he is!” Rudolph said. Then the reindeer got attached to the sleigh and flew away.

Alyssa Scott


My Christmas Traditions

Today is Christmas Eve, and I am so eager for Christmas. I enjoy our many Christmas traditions, one of my favorites is on the first day of December every year my elf on the shelf, Lucy, comes. She does lots of naughty things like making snowmen out of my dad’s shaving cream and eating my cookies. This is only one of the many traditions before and at Christmas.

Another tradition must wait until I go up to feed my horses right away in the morning and then finally, I can open my stocking and presents with my family. After we open the presents and are done with the gift exchange, we can talk with friends and family.

Laynee Simpson


Santa's reindeer hiding

I was standing in line at Albertson, and reindeer walk in. Their names were Rudolf, Donner, Comet, Prancer, Cupid, Dasher, Dancer, Blitzen, and Vixen. They fly around the store and made a mess. Next, the store went on lockdown. All the people had to hide while Santa's was looking for his reindeer. He got told that his reindeer were in the store. Santa found his reindeer, and they went home.

Saydee Kapp


The Worst Christmas Ever

One night an alien spots Santa’s sleigh. He went over to ask Santa if he was on the nice list. Santa said “no” so he stole some of his presence. He opened one and there was a pair of tap dance shoes inside. He chucked them aside and said that’s” girlish”. Santa said, “Christmas was ruined”. Still, he kept on opening presents until he found a toy for him to play with. Finally, he found some toys for his family, but not for him. He opened the next one and there was a Barbie doll inside. He said, “no luck.” So, he went back to Santa and apologized to him. He said, “It’s ok.” Just try next year.

Finn Witmer


When I Saved Christmas.

I looked through my window on Christmas Eve and saw the alien ship had hit Santa's sleigh with one of their lasers. Then I saw the sleigh crashing in my backyard. He made a big hole in the ground. I had to explain this to my parent’s some other time. I let Santa in the house because he was knocked out and had a concussion. Soon we got inside, and I put a wet rag on Santa’s forehead. After that, I fed the reindeer some apples. My favorite reindeer is Comet. Then I got Santa’s bag. I told him that I would go deliver presents to the boys and girls. Then I said all the Reindeer’s names and left. It took me a while to get done. I almost ran into some trees and luckily none of the presents fell out. Finally, I got done. After that I went to my house then Santa felt a lot better! Then he said goodbye, but first, he gave me a present. I said Thank You then I waved to him. That was the best Christmas I ever had. I saw the alien ship fly into outer space.

Dallas Judd


The First Day I saw a Reindeer

One boring day my family and I went to the store. Then a reindeer walked in up to me. I thought it was going to ram me, but it just stood there. I patted it on the nose, and it started to eat my sister’s hair. After it finally stopped, we needed chicken. So, we walked over to the deli and the deer started to follow us. It started to eat the salads. On the deer’s neck was a collar. It said “Elliot.’’ I guess that was his name. Elliot followed us and pooped on my sister’s shoe. My sister screamed so loud, it attracted a bear. It had a collar too, and his name was Bear. Elliot saw Bear and called the rest of his herd in. The bear scared all the reindeer back to the North Pole. It turned out to be a good day.

Amanda Volk


My Christmas

On Christmas night, grandma's house is full of relatives. All the kids anxiously wait to open their presents while the women drone on about shopping and the men ramble on about football and basketball. The kids play downstairs or go sledding down large hills that overlook the pastures. The dogs bite our ankles as we zoom down the hill on our old plastic sleds. The horses graze on the grass piercing through the pure white snow, and the cows still mourn the loss of their babies as the winter snow falls on their faces. The deer hide in the brush and wait for it to stop snowing so they can frolic on the powdered snow.

Inside, my grandma makes us delicious ham, potatoes, and corn that makes my mouth water as the smell floats around the house. The food tastes even better than it smells. The meat melts in my mouth, and the corn and potatoes are hotter than the old wood stove in the meat shop. When we finally get to open presents, my cousins start bouncing off the walls. My cousins love getting new toys and being able to play with them after we open up the gifts. It seems like we always open presents when the adults get annoyed of the kids asking to open presents every five minutes. Our Christmases are always a time of togetherness, family fun, and crazy time.

Jessa Erickson


Meeting Santa’s Helpers and the Reindeer

My mom and I were standing in line at Albertsons, and a reindeer walks in. He comes to me and I start to pet him. The reindeer had its name on his reins. I look at it and saw his name is Dancer. He was so friendly and kind until he threw my mom and me on his back and flew away. We didn’t know where we were going, but sure enough, I knew we were safe. We just kept flying and flying. I didn’t know if he would stop, but eventually, he did. My mom and I didn’t know where we were. We kept walking and walking with Dancer until we saw a sign that said the North Pole, forward 20 steps. There was nothing there. Dancer started flying in a circle above us and then a huge building rose tall and we knocked on the huge door. An elf answered the door, “Hello, where are we?” I asked. “They’re here, they’re here,” the elf screamed and told us to come in. “Do you want some hot chocolate?” the elf asked. “Yes please,” my mom and I said. “Where are we?” I asked again. “You’re at the North Pole,” the elf said. “What’s your name?” I asked. “Sorry I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Snowflake the elf. What’s your name?” he asked. “My name is Carly, and this is my mom, Crystal. Nice to meet you Snowflake,” I said. “Nice to meet you, too,” said Snowflake. “Where are we going Snowflake?” I asked. “You and your mom are going to meet Santa Claus, the real one!” Snowflake said. “I wonder what he looks like? “I asked. “He looks liked the same Santa Claus for the last thousand years,” said Snowflake. We walked up a thousand steps. Snowflake told me when he was in elf training, they had to run up and down all the stairs until they fell down. By the time he lost 15 pounds and he was only 16 pounds. So he was down he was 1 pound. “Holy, that's a lot of stairs,” I said. We knocked on Santa’s door and and elf opened it. Santa was making all sorts of toys. Maybe a toy a second. “That’s a lot of toys, Santa,” I said. It startled him a little. “Oh, ya, it is a lot, “he said, “I didn’t hear you come in.” You must be Carly and you must be Crystal,” he said. “Yes, it is nice to meet you, “I said. “Did you meet the reindeer?” asked Santa. “No, we only meet Dancer. He flew us here, “I said. “Well let’s go meet them,” said Santa. We went, and he introduced the reindeer all in order Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. It was getting close for Santa to go deliver presents. Santa’s putting his sack of presents in the sleigh. “Do we have to go home?” I asked. “Yes, you have to go home,” sighed Santa. “Are you going to fly us home?” I asked. “No, Rudolph will fly you and your mom home,” said Santa. Bye, Santa it was nice meeting you,” I said. “It was nice meeting you, too,” said Santa. Rudolph flew us home and we had no presents under the tree, so we just went to bed. The next morning, I come out to the living room and there were a whole bunch of presents under the tree. Then I woke everybody up and told them there were a whole bunch of presents under the tree. Everyone rushes out to open their presents. I looked out the window and saw Santa. I wave, and he waves back. “This is the Christmas ever!” I told my mom. “Me, too” mom replied.

Carly Mears



After I cut a hole in the ice and lower my fishing rod, I caught a catfish with my hook. My uncle Tom was going to race me there, but I beat him. Meanwhile, Dirk was trying to catch a fish. I said let's go for a walk, and I threw a snowball at him. We went on and on. At 7:00 pm we left. The next morning Dirk and I went sledding, and I ate half the snow with some rocks! It was gross.

Forrest Bessman



Sledding is a popular sport where I live. In fact, most of the time when it snows you will probably see people sledding. People go out in the country, to Hillcrest, and even the snow piles that the snow plows make. My family loves sledding. When it snows like a few feet or inches my siblings and I will most likely to play outside. We build forts, have snowball fights, and make snowmen. I think all the people I know have gone sledding at least once in their life. Winter in Montana is awesome for sledding. I have gone sledding a lot of times. So, this is a story of one to the times. One-time Connor and Lauren told me a story of when I was little. We were at the farm and it was winter. My family decided to go sledding. We went to this big hill. At first, Connor and Lauren went first, then Mom decided to go with me. I sat in the front while Mom sat in the back. Now, it was snowing hard. As we went down the hill, I got so much snow on me. By the time we got down the hill, I had so much snow on me that my family said that I looked like a fluffy snowman. Every time we go sledding, we always remember that story. Also, while sledding you can make memories that you can remember forever and ever. So when it has showed a few feet or inches, take your family sledding.

Denvyr Tuss


My Family’s Christmas Traditions

My family has a lot of traditions for Christmas. One of the main ones is secret Santa. This is how secret Santa goes. We write all of our family's names on paper and then we draw them. We each draw a name out of a hat. Whoever we get we have to get a present for them. For the kids, you have to only use $20 and for the adults, you can only use $35. Also, the present has to be a fantastic present. When we open our presents, we have to guess who got us the present. We don’t get anything for guessing it right, but we get happiness. Another tradition is we sometimes wear ugly Christmas sweaters. We all like to look at each other's sweaters and admire them. One big tradition is my grandpa usually cuts down a real Christmas tree which is usually enormous. We get a big Christmas tree for all of our presents because my grandma had five kids and all of them at least had three kids. A thing we do when we open our presents is the youngest person goes first opening one present and then goes up by age. Christmas isn’t about presents and Santa, it’s about the birth of the Christ and Savior Jesus Christ. That’s one reason I love Christmas and the present’s, but more of Jesus's birthday. I love gathering with my family for the holidays because we have many traditions. A tradition that we do isn’t just for Christmas it’s for any holiday, and that tradition is always getting together to have family time on the holidays. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Merry Christmas!

Brooklynn Knowles



After I cut a hole in the ice and reeled my line down, something strange happened. It tugged and yanked the rod. Then I reeled it in. It’s a big white surgeon! The fish had fins as sharp as knives and claws as sharp as scissors. Soon it disappeared. We come back later and cut a hole in the ice. We fished for about an hour until the rod tugged and twisted. I reeled it in, and it was even bigger than the first catch!

Carson Sauter


Wanna Ride?

It was Christmas Eve, and I was at Albertsons. One of Santa's reindeer galloped in, and it came over to me. It said wanna ride, and I said yeah. So, I went to the reindeer and followed him outside. There it was, Santa's sleigh! So, then he gave me a ride to my house, and I grabbed my coat and said, “Mom, can I go with Santa?” Ya, she said. So, I went back outside, and I got back in the sleigh. We were off and went on a long trip to the North Pole. Meanwhile, when we got there, I started off getting to know the Elves. Oh, guess there was a lot of them. Finally, I went over to the stable and met the rest of Santa’s reindeer.

Drasen Neumiller



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