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By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring News for January 2, 2019


January 2, 2019

Darn! I missed the deadline of noon on Friday! Well, I’m getting ready for next week which will also be an early deadline!

The winter solstice has been and now the days have about two minutes more sunlight than the day before! And the full moon has been awesome!

Reene Wasson reported that she had spotted two bald eagles in the area this last week! I am always on the lookout to see birds! We just have a few sharptails coming into our yard.

Remember the Christmas tree that Clark’s took into Debbie Dyrdahl? Well it now has a few lights as well as the red ball! So cute!

Tom and Dixie Stordahl traveled to Billings to see the hip doctor but he said no surgery for Tom. We have another appointment coming up and we’ll see what the back doctor says.

Christmas Guests at the David Clark home were Becca and Robert Engum of Great Falls.

Janice Erfle and Tracy Hanley were Christmas guests of Brenda and Kenny Clark!

Jim and Jonnae Slade and Bud and Beth Slade were Christmas Eve guests of Carol and Pete Lumsden along with Whitney and Jay Blunt along with the grandkids! Carmen and Matt Norville spent the holiday in Pony with his parents.

All of Bill Murdock's family were home for the holidays too. Brenda and Greg Kornfeld, Colt, Clay, Cole and Cade Murdock, Zelda and Joey Fox and Zeena plus assorted friends enjoyed the day of comraderie, playing cards and doing chores!

Wishing you all a wonderful new year with health, wealth and happiness!


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