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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Home for the holidays


January 9, 2019

It has been a weird holiday season for our family. But not weird in a bad way.

It was almost like a mini vacation for us due to the fact that we had a few days off in consecutive weeks. Of course we didn’t have any gas money to “skip town” but we had each other and new Christmas presents!

For PJ we bought a few action figures, a remote control motorcycle and various other things. Lincoln received a few baby toys including toys that will help him crawl and eventually walk.

I purchased Susan a few things including a couple of her favorite movies.

Susan really hooked me up this Christmas buying me a few supplies to help us with our Keto Diet and a brand new espresso maker! I will write more about my espresso maker in a future story. But I will say that I use that bad boy at least twice a day.

Lincoln does not fully understand Christmas but his eyes lit up when Susan plugged in the Christmas tree. When given his first gift to open, he didn’t know he was supposed to rip the paper off, he was just happy to be holding something new to him. His presents would still be wrapped today if we didn’t unwrap it for him.

PJ asked every day for the month of December if it was Christmas yet. No matter how many times we told him Christmas was several days away, he would ask multiple times.

This year marked the second consecutive year that we opened gifts earlier than Christmas Eve. This gave our kids the chance to play with their new toys during our elongated Christmas weekend.

During our time of being home for the holidays, Lincoln has become a pretty efficient crawler. He has also learned how to pull himself up to a standing position. This is good but scary for a few reasons.

PJ kept surprising us with some of the things he has learned in preschool. He has been a great big brother, helping Lincoln out (and at times too much).

We have reorganized parts of our house to better utilize storage and have gotten rid of a few things that we don’t need anymore. The Christmas decorations are all down and we are ready for a new year.


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