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By Dixie Stordahl
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Loring News for February 6, 2019


February 6, 2019

Winter is here! Most of the end of January was very nice, temperatures in the 40's or so, not too windy except one day, but February showed up and let us have it! Sunday the high was not above zero! And about 6-inches of snow fell. I shouldn't say that...I have no idea how much snow fell. It is white around here with some big piles and some clear spots.

I know several of you readers are interested in the birds I see. This week one of the snowy owls was killed nearby. I talked to Logan Messerly at the Borderland Taxidermy to see if he could mount it. But he said it was against the law to even pick it up, and if I did get permission, there was lots of paperwork to do. I'm thankful I didn't pick it up, and it was gone in the next three hours anyway. May have provided a meal for a scavenger.

I enjoyed watching the ball games in Whitewater on Thursday. North Country played Dodson Coyotes. And the gym was packed! Not much visiting getting done during the games! The NC Junior Varsity boys beat the Dodson Junior Varsity boys. The Varsity Lady Mavericks beat the Dodson Lady Coyotes. But the Dodson Coyotes beat the North Country Boys team. I am impressed by how the boys fought back, but just couldn't overtake the Coyotes this time!

Congratulations to Pete and Carol Lumsden on the birth of their granddaughter. Kenna Joy was born to Jonnae and Jim Slade on Monday, January 28, 2019! The grandparents went to Billings to cuddle the new one. Carol is staying for a while longer.

When I saw Denice Cox at the ball game she commented that she has a downy woodpecker up at her place. I was happy for her!

I went out to blow some bubbles in this freezing weather. The bubbles burst and the skins of the bubbles turn white from the cold. They do not last very long. Tomorrow I think I'll try to throw a cup of hot water outside in the frigid weather. It immediately turns into frost before it hits the ground. Got to enjoy while we can!


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