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Yesterday's Phillips County News Memories for February 6, 2019


February 6, 2019

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Penguins are conference champs... Alan Wasson, Whitewater's top scoring ace goes past Rocky Tollefson of Saco, for another two points in his 33-point barrage against the Saco Panthers in the conference championship game in Saco last Saturday night. Tollefson, the 6'5" Panther center, was the second high scorer of the game with 22 points. 1969.

100 years ago

February 7, 1919

Mrs. Fred Messerly, Lee, Vernon, and Arthur received burns in an explosion at their ranch home south of Malta. The explosion occurred when an attempt was made to light a fire with what was thought to be kerosene but turned out to be gasoline.


A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ulrich of Phillips.


Harwood Brown returned home from service at a naval training station.


Harry Austin was among several servicemen who had returned from camp.


The board of directors of the Malta Commercial Club were to be hosts to farmers who attended the farmers institute. There was to be a banquet at the IOOF Hall. It was estimated that 700 farers would attend. County Agent Stapelton was making arrangements for the program.

75 years ago

February 10, 1944

Word of Malta men brought home folks by Sgt. Kaufman

Staff Sgt. William Kaufman, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Kaufman, who left Malta September 16, 1940 with the local National Guard contingent, arrived home last Thursday with an honorable discharge from the army due to a physical disability.

Kaufman left the United States last April with the 198th Dump Truck Co. Some 30 of the old National Guard Unit had been transferred to this company which is building roads in New Guinea.

The men are in good health and there have been very few cases of malaria or other diseases as the men take good care of themselves, Kaufman said.

Men who left Malta with National Guard and who are now in the 198th Dump Truck Co. include George Ames Jr., Leonard Anderson, Lynn Bain, Albert Berdan, Ludwig Bergsagel, Homer Blevins, Willard Norman Brandon, Grant Cruickshank, Wayne Dean, Lee Erdahl, Harold Hendrickson, George Hoover, George Hoynes, Harvey Kvale, Clifford Lundstrom, Ray Gadbow, Kenneth Martin, Glenn Martin, Lloyd Mason, Clarence Mikkelson, Orville Mikkelson, John Minnerath, Thelmer Stanley Olson, Arthur Schlieve, Orvil Starkey, Harry Strand, Emund Tank, Raymond Jack Verry, Venron Vert, and Leonard Tanner, all of Phillips County, and Joe Epler of Harlem.

Robert Kirkaldie awarded Third Oak Cluster, Air Medal

Staff Sgt. Robert Kirkaldie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirkaldie of Dodson, who has been awarded the Air Medal and Three Oak Clusters for meritorious performance of duty. He is credited with the destruction of one enemy plane and has completed 25 missions over enemy occupied Europe. He graduated from Dodson High School in 1941.

Sgt. Kirkaldie is a tail gunner on a Flying Fortress stationed in England and has completed his 25th mission over enemy-occupied Europe and rates a furlough home.

50 years ago

February 6, 1969

Train Killed 50 antelope

An eastbound Great Northern freight train crashed into a herd of antelope on the tracks about 11 miles east of Malta on Monday evening killing at least 50 of the animals.

Game Warden Robert Hoy said he received a call from a railroad representative and he and an employee of the Bowdoin Wildlife Refuge went to investigate.

Rainbow Girls initiate three

An initiation ceremony was held at the Monday evening meeting of the Order of Rainbow for Girls. The new members are Kathy Slade, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Slade; Virginia Koss, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Koss, and Debbie Kaufman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kaufman.

25 years ago

February 8, 1994

Peacher bowls first ever 300 at Mustang Lanes

"I must have been in shock, because I never really felt it right away" is how Malta's Floyd Peacher described every bowler's dream ... a perfect 300 game.

Peacher accomplished the 10-strike Friday night while bowling at the Mustang Lanes as a substitute during the mixed league. Peacher's previous high game was 254 and his perfect game was the first ever thrown at Mustang Lanes.

Street Talk

Question: What's the most romantic thing your sweetheart ever did for you?"

Ken Kempa: When we are out walking, she holds and rubs my arm. She makes me feel special. She makes my heart smile.

Carol Simanton: He married me February 19, near Valentine's Day."

Richard Wilke: She took me to Havre for a romantic weekend. Just the two of us. There was also a special trip to Loring.

Danni Hill: Larry rented a movie we had seen many times because it is my favorite.

10 years ago

February 11, 2009

Malta Airman on duty in Blaair House during inauguration

Staff Sgt. Joshua Roberts (U.S. Airforce) was assigned to security duty in Wash. D.C. for the Inauguration of President Obama.

Roberts arrived in D.C. a week before the inauguration. He and another bomb technician were on duty through inauguration day, at the Blair House, where the presidential family resided before moving to the White House.

Street Talk

Question: Why do we give Valentine Cards?

Tessa Demarais: I have no clue.

Ashtyn Barnett: To find your love.

Collin Holman: To show how we appreciate each other.

Leslie Jones: So people can have fun and know who their friends are.

PCN Archives

Sgt. Robert Kirkaldie. 1944. (See 75 Years Ago.)


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