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By Helen Austin
PCN Correspondent 

Whitewater News and Opinion for February 27, 2019


February 27, 2019

2-20. Sympathy to all animals and wildlife in the cold snowy winters.

Salute to Triangle Communications who were at a recent basketball game here in Whitewater. The representatives handed out lunch tickets for a fundraiser meal here. Very nice.

“Have a good trip” to Kevin Reichelt, a former Whitewater resident, and a group going to a wedding in London, England! Fun.

“Welcome back” to Ree Simonson, who has been in Arizona.

“Hello” to my granddaughter Sheila, who called me clear from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! A nice surprise phone call and great visit recently.

Also, Happy Birthday to all February birthdays including my other grand-daughter in Medicine Hat at Alberta; her name is Rhonda.

Back in Whitewater, many from our area attended the basketball games games. I’ll let the sportswriters handle the scores and logistics. When I went to Whitewater High School in the 1950s, we always got the “Good Sportsmanship” trophy!

Our Whitewater weather was so cold, 20-below last night! Also, we have about a foot of snow…so much for that mild winter. Dress warm and think spring!

As always,

Helen A. from the North Pole Penguin Country!

2-27. Sympathy to the family of Georgiana Reichelt. She is a relative of Curt Reichelt and she was my roommate in college at NMC! (We are both older students then.)

Also, sympathy to the family of Harriet Wilkes, my friend.

Get well wishes to all flu victims and all who are sick.

Sally Austin went to the Council On Aging meeting recently which is responsible for the senior meals here in Whitewater.

Basketball tournaments were last weekend. Congrats to all players, coaches, and fans. Many in the area were in Wolf Point to watch the teams play. I listened to some of the basketball games broadcast on KMMR. It is wonderful that we have that service.

Lambing season has begun for some; including Jeanie Green and other Whitewater sheep ranchers. Jeanie G. has a video camera on her phone, and also takes pictures, of the sheep in the barn! This saves her going out to the cold barns unless it is necessary. My dad didn’t have a trick like that. Times have changed in lambing.

Some ranchers are now gearing up for calving. I hope the weather cooperates. We now have three feet of snow and the temps have stayed around 25-below (colder on some nights.)

Some days have been warmer and brave Whitewater children play in the deep snow or slide down the high hills around Whitewater.

From my picture window, I can see Dunbar’s three horses on the hills.

The streets, highways, and sidewalks have been cleared. Thanks to the Hellies for the snow plow work and to Lane Engels who also drove. The Phillips County Snowplows have been busy also. Good job.

We now have a full moon and it lights up the snow on our Whitewater, Montana town.

Dress warm, drive careful.

Helen A.


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