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By Eldora Henry
PCN Correspondent 

Dodson News for April 3, 2019


(Late addition to last week's Dodson News) Jenny, Leah, and Brennan Brown, daughter and grandchildren of Selma Miller, arrived to visit Selma on Saturday via Amtrack.

We made it past April's Fools Day with out any big surprises. The weather is getting better by the day — much warmer and SUNSHINE! Palm Sunday only two weeks away and then Easter. We should be having really nice weather by then.

Several women have been complaining that they have water to clear up from their basements — so far I have been lucky and have not had any.

Jeff Cole came from Glasgow and took Wink and Terri Cole to Billings for medical follow-up check-ups. Terri hopes they will tell her she can drive again soon.

Polly Solberg was in Malta to visit and to see Jenny Brown and kids again before they return to Minnesota after visiting her mother, Selma.

The Catholics are again having soup and bread on Mondays after services. Bruce and Leona Kienenberger were kind enough to share and brought some to my house this week. Thanks, guys.

No services were held at the Dodson Lutheran Church this past week.

Birthday greetings are sent to all having a birthday this week and to our community ones, including Leona Kienenberger, Bud Werk, Doug Durocher, and Lester Wilke. Anniversary congratulations are sent to all celebrating their happy wedding day!

Technically, Moses was the first person with a tablet downloading data from the cloud.

We hear birds singing again — HAPPY — that spring is here, may you all be just as happy. Have a good week.


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