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By Helen Austin
PCN Correspondent 

Whitewater News and Opinion for April 10, 2019


April 10, 2019

4-3. Sympathy to family and friends of all the loved ones who passed away recently in Phillips County. This includes Roy Waters who made many trips to Whitewater.

He was a veteran, and proud of it. He had recently got an award for his mother who was a 4-Star Mother because she had four sons who served in the military at one time. Imagine the fear and worry she went through. War is so terrible.

Phillips County has lost so many people this year. Many of us here are older, retired folks and the populations in this area is not growing very fast. This part of Montana is an agricultural paradise which is run by many families. I think we need a factory to attract families and young people here and attend our small rural schools. Does anyone have any ideas? If so, call me or write to me or talk to the folks at the Phillips County News.

Last Wednesday, Gale and Challise Young (my daughter and granddaughter) came to Whitewater and we ate at the North 40, then went to the Sleeping Buffalo to swim. I sat in a hot pool, which was wonderful. It was good to see them before Challise has to go back to college in Bozeman.

The Whitewater High School golf team are gearing up for the season; as are the track teams. It is too early, but they are getting in shape … we all should.

It was Gideon Sunday at Whitewater Lutheran Church. Wesley Koss (South County Rancher) represented the Gideons (their group puts Bibles in hotels and motels.) Welsey said that the roads from Harb were terrible, as many roads are right now.

Our road from Malta to Whitewater is good since they paved recently.

We had so much snow, but it finally warmed up here. Most of the snow is now gone and I hope we don’t have more.

Jeanie Green and I went to Malta and noticed water running, especially under the Whitewater Creek Bridge. Water even crossed the road next to the Whitewater Elevator. Whitewater Creek means spring!


4-10. It’s April! Happy anniversary and birthday to all.

Sympathy to flood victims in Nebraska, Kansas, across the U.S., and especially local flood victims in Glasgow. Reminds me of 1950 and 52 when Janet (sis) and a friend went to Malta and while they were gone, the little bridge in Whitewater Creek washed out. The little bridge just collapsed; leaving the wild, rushing, troubled water. The residents of Whitewater stood on the north side of the creek watching and waiting for their car. Finally, the little car came over the hill going towards the creek and their possible death. The crowd waiting for them waved and yelled: “go back, turn around, bridge gone.”

We prayed for them, and we waved lanterns, and yelled again “go back!” Finally, the little car stopped. They got out of the car, looked at the rushing water. They waved at all of us the bank and turned around. They were safe. A miracle.

Back in Whitewater, congratulations to the Whitewater High School track and field team on their recent meet in Glasgow. Good work.

Sally Austin went to Kremlin to visit her daughter, Joyce Donavan. Again, get well wishes to Joyce.

The Austin ranch and many ranches are calving. The babies are so cute.

Dallas and Ashley Green went to Billings. Jeanie Green and Janet Brown, my sister, to fly to Las Vegas, Nev., to visit Gene Brown and Anita. Also “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

Sally and I attended the funeral for Roy Waters last week. She attended another funeral also.

There is a supper and Lent service at Whitewater Lutheran Church every Wednesday.

There are Christian Bible studies at the North 40 here in Whitewater on Fridays at 2 p.m. through the month of April. All are welcome to attend.

The weather is beautiful. I heard a meadowlark, it is spring!

Have a nice week.

Helen A.


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