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By Eldora Henry
PCN Correspondent 

Dodson News for May 1, 2019


Ralph Solberg of Billings brought Thea Solberg back to Malta and stayed several days to visit family and friends.

Dora Henry spent Easter in Havre with Bill and Marilyn Henry.

Jim and Dee Shettel enjoyed having daughter Christi and family down with them from Havre for Eater. It was nice to have them all in Church on Easter morning/

Also nice to have all the Paul Mortenson family and a friend in church with his parents, Gloria and Edmund.

The weather had been staying nice and warm---everyone was working in yards. This week Friday and Saturday were colder and windy and it rained some both days.

Wink and Terri Cole were in Billings last week for medical checkups.

Phillip DeCelles helped Dora Henry with some yard chores this week.

Robert Bear was in from the mountains helping Helen Vogel with her yard work.

It rained Saturday night and Sunday started out cool and misty. By noon it was socked in raining and snowing with a hard cold north wind blowing At church several people were talking about hail farther north. The storms were reported clear across Montana. Laurel, Helena and Great Falls all had ground cover snow.

Sunday and Monday's nights were both the coldest----winter is having a hard time ending. I hope not too many people had got in a hurry and set out tomatoes and flowers, etc. They may not survive. I and others have tulips and other early spring flowers blooming but this cold should not bother them. It warmed up some by the middle of the week but nights were still quite cold.

Hope everyone had a happy May Day on the 1st. I and my dear friend of almost eighty years, Helen DePuydt, were remembering, when as children we exchanged little homemade baskets with candy, etc. knocking on the door, leaving the basket and running away. Simple but fun when things were sparse.

To Bonnie LaBrie, Myrna Williamson, Mark Pankratz, and Connie Wilkes and all others having a Birthday and all who are celebrating an anniversary--A HAPPY DAY and congratulations!

Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.

Condolences to all who have lost loved ones recently.

Have a good week. Smile!


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