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By Mark Hebert

'Spring' Style Show battles blizzard conditions in Malta


Taije, Tia, and Viena Stiles show run from the GN back to Family Matters Sunday afternoon during the Spring Style Show.

Temperatures dipped into the 30s Sunday afternoon in Malta and blizzard-like conditions swamped the county, but a little adverse weather couldn't slow the 14th annual Spring Style Show hosted by Family Matters and the Phillips County Historical Society.

The morning started off well, chilly, but sunshine-filled, but as the day wore on, and the Style Show's start time was just a few hours away, winds kicked into 30-mile-per hour gusts, rain and snow started flying and Family Matters manager Avery Sorenson was in a bit of a pickle.

"A couple of the models called to say they weren't going to make it, and we are telling everyone to bring their umbrellas," she said.

Mark Hebert

Chet Prestwich stay out of Sunday's blizzard while behind glass of Family Matter's front door.

The Style Show's runway started seeing models at about 1:30 following a luncheon hosted by the Historical Society. While the audience enjoyed their food, the models and Family Matters staff members hurried to get the show on the road. All told, over 50 models of various ages displayed some of the Spring fashion items to be had at Family Matters this year.

During a normal Style Show, when the weather isn't being ornery, the models would make their way from Family Matters building and to the Great Northern Lodge room in a leisurely pace. Not so on Sunday, as models literally dashed down 1st Street East as the winds blew sleet from north to south, and temperatures dropped by 3 degrees between the start of the lunch and the beginning of the Style Show.

The day was capped off with dessert, door prizes were won with the proceeds from the event going towards the Phillips County Historical Society.


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