By Mark Hebert

Tag, you're it!

Malta Chamber host Lazer Tag at Milk River Pavilion


Mark Hebert

Sadie Lamoreau, 7, gets into the action during Lazer tag in Malta on Saturday morning.

Of the dozen or so people who talked to the Phillips County News on Saturday during the Malta Area Chamber of Commerce second day of hosting Lazer tag at the Milk River Pavilion, one comment was shared by all:

"We want more Lazer tag."

The arena floor on Saturday morning at the Pavilion was tricked-out with strategically placed barricades for teams of shooters to hide behind and run around with teams of 10 timed at six-minutes per mission.

"There are a lot of little kids in there," Malta Chamber Executive Director Ann Sautter said. "Everyone is running around and having a good time."

Sautter said that Friday night, which was divided in time between children playing tag and adults playing tag, went well and everyone who attended wanted the Chamber to host the event every weekend.

"I wish we could," Sautter said. "There were probably 20 people in both sessions the first night."

Ashlyn Sautter, 12, had been on three missions early Saturday morning and said she stepped her game up each time her sneakers touched the course.

"I shot 12 people in the last round," she said. "That was pretty good. I got 11 the time before that...and I only got killed five times."

As Ashlyn finished her interview, fellow taggers Skyler Hilton, 13, and Finn Witmer, 10, came off the course, fresh off the latest mission and Bad Bear Laser Tag proprietor Bonnie DeVerniero was there to meet the contestants as everyone looked on a monitor to see how everyone had scored.

"I had 16 kills," Hilton, top scorer in the round said. "This is only the second time I have played. The second time my aim was better."

"We shot each other a couple times," Witmer, on the opposing team, said of Hilton. "The hardest part is not knowing if people are behind you. They got me a couple of times, but I got them back."

Daeson Salveson, 15, came off the course after the next mission and set a high score for kills for the day (at least up to that point) with 31.

"We won," he said of his team. "I was in the 20s three times until that last round."

Salveson said the key to a successful Lazer tag mission was to "run and gun and be as accurate as possible," before adding that he would happily play more of the game if the chance arises.


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