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3C teams at weekend meets


Heidi S. Johnson

Saco Senior Josh Salveson competes in javelin at the Malta meet.

The Dodson Coyotes track teams competed in the Fergus High School Invitational in Lewistown on Saturday, April 27. The Saco Panthers track teams competed in the Richey-Lambert Fusion Invitational at the Lambert Sports Complex on Friday, April 26. The Whitewater Penguins Track Teams went to the Park City-Harlowton Invitational on Saturday, April 27 in Laurel.

The Dodson teams took fifth with the Coyotes scoring 16 and the Lady Coyotes scoring eight. The Saco Panther boys' team took eleventh with a total of 10 points, while the Saco Lady Panthers took fourteenth with three points.

The following are stat lines from meets pertaining to Phillips County News athletes.

Coyotes @ Fergus Meet

100 Meters: 14th Jeramiah Benson 13.60a.400 Meters: 11th Jeramiah Benson 1:02.89a. Shot Put - 12lb: 22nd Treyten KillEagle 16-09.50. Discus - 1.6kg: 19th Treyten KillEagle 47-05PR. Javelin - 800g: 13th Jeramiah Benson 95-08PR. Long Jump: 3rd Michael Jaynes 18-10.50PR. Triple Jump: 1st Michael Jaynes 38-01.00.

Lady Coyotes @ Fergus

Shot Put - 4kg: 3rd Christina Jaynes 34-06.50. Discus - 1kg: 5th Christina Jaynes 100-06.

Panthers @ Richey -Lambert Meet

100 Meters: 20th Josh Salveson 14.54a. 200 Meters: 16th Josh Salveson 29.72aSR. Javelin - 800g: 29th Josh Salveson 61. Pole Vault: 1st Josh Salveson 10-00.00. Triple Jump: 7th Chayten Pippin 33-05.00SR.

Lady Panthers @ Richey -Lambert Meet

100m Hurdles - 33": 5th Jaycee Erickson 18.67aPR. Javelin - 600g: 6. Jaycee Erickson 95-00.


Shot Put - 12lb: 6th Beau Simonson 41-08.50PR. Discus - 1.6kg: 7th Beau Simonson 106-05.


100 Meters: 3rd Hannah Hanley 13.89a. 200 Meters: 4th Hannah Hanley 27.99aPR. 100m Hurdles - 33": 3rd Hannah Hanley 17.93aPR. 300m Hurdles - 30": 3rd Hannah Hanley 51.15aPR. Shot Put - 4kg: 2nd Kelsee Cummings 34-11.25, 33rd Petya Rozalinova 24-08.25PR. Discus - 1kg: 8th. Kelsee Cummings 81-05SR. 18th Petya Rozalinova 70-03.


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