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Dodson Schools Students of the Month for April


Kindergarten: Keaton (KJ) Fetter is the Kindergarten student of the month for March. KJ is a great student, he is always on time to school and works very hard until he leaves. He is respectful and kind to others. He listens well, follows directions and always does an excellent job. He is a great joy to have in class.

Grade 1: Marcos Cortez is in the first grade. He came to our school in the fall, then left, but returned in February. We are glad to have his funny personality back with us. Most days, Marcos is happy and upbeat. He loves math! His favorite thing to do outside is playing basketball.

Grade 2: Raya Decelles is the 2nd-grade student of the month. Raya completes all assignments and does it with care and attention. She shows perseverance and a positive attitude every day.

Grade 3: Mia Messerly is a fun loving 3rd grader who likes to read, draw and paint. Mia always looks for answers. She enjoys spending time with her friends. She loves to eat Cheetos and Sprite.

Bentlie Grant is a charming 3rd grade girl who likes to read, paint and draw. She is an excellent student. Someday she wants to be a cheerleader. Her favorite foods are pizza and hot chocolate.

Grade 4: Wamni Cliff is a high energy 4th grade boy. He loves to play basketball. He has an amazing lay-up shot. He is a good reader and enjoys solving problems. His favorite foods are watermelon and Dr. Pepper.

Grade 6: Titus Webb has shown improvement in his academics and work ethic in class. He has been on top of his assignments and is pushing himself more each day in Math. I am proud of the ownership he is beginning to take in his academics and his ability to joke around (at appropriate times) keeps the class uplifted. Keep it up, Titus!

Grade 7: Kataya Flansburg is always on time and pays attention. She doesn't distract other students.

Grade 8: Conan Cuts the Rope gets work done, is interested in why solutions work the way they do.

Grade 9: Kadin Racine is much improved in attention and dedication to academics.

Grade 10: Tiffany Cliff is keeping up with assignments even under trying circumstances.

Grade 11: Landis Walker has great attendance and keeping up with assignments.

Christina Jaynes great work ethic and understanding.

Grade 12: The Senior Class of 2019. In Industrial Arts, Caleb Ditmar, Shania KillEagle, and Tyrese Messerly are respectful, polite, and considerate students that have worked hard all school year.

Geology: Caleb Ditmar - Hard work on term project, listened to directions.


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