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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

PC Girls rock 3C meet


The Saco Panthers, Dodson Coyotes, and Whitewater Penguins track teams each will be represented in the 2019 Eastern C Divisional Meet in Lambert this Saturday.

Every girl from every Phillips County team qualified in each event they entered at the 3C District Meet on Saturday, May 11, in Wolf Point.

Scobey won the girl’s meet with a total of 117 points. Lustre Christian scored 86 and took second. Hinsdale was third with 78, Whitewater was fourth with 66 points, Nashua was fifth with 53, Saco was sixth with 26, Dodson was seventh with 18 points, Opheim was eighth with 13, and Frazier was ninth with 12.

Whitewater freshman Hannah Hanley won a pair of titles, winning the 100 meter dash with a time of 14.38 and the 200 with a time of 28.66.

“I think that was my best start out of the whole season,” Hanley said of her 100. “I stayed low and it was pretty good.”

Hanley also took second in the 300 meter hurdles with a time of 52.92 and third in the 100 hurdles with a time of 18.94.

“Although it’s cold and windy, I like it here,” Hanley said. “I like their track. It’s a really nice all-weather track.”

Dodson junior Christina Jaynes won the 3C Shot Put title with a throw of 34-0. Jaynes also took second in discus with a throw of 93-09.

“Everything was just on point, I guess,” Jaynes said.

Lady Penguin Kia Wasson won the 3200 with a time of 14:35.54. Wasson also took second in the 1600 with a time of 6:38.75.

Whitewater sophomore Kelsee Cummings took second place in shot put with a throw of 33-07.25 and fourth place in discus with a personal best of 83-05.50.

Saco’s Jaycee Erickson placed in all five events that she entered, taking second in pole vault by clearing 8-6. Erickson also took third in the 300 hurdles with a time of 54.86, third in javelin with a throw of 92-01, fourth in the 100 hurdles, and fifth in triple jump with a personal best of 30-05.50.

Erickson shared how she felt about her performance in the hurdle events.

“Pretty good,” she said about the 100 hurdles. “It was one of my better times and I felt like it was smooth. I wasn’t off balance as much.”

She then addressed her performance in the 300 hurdles.

“That was only my second time running them, so I wasn’t too ready,” Erickson said.

Whitewater’s Petya Rozalinova took sixth place in discus and shot put with throws of 77-06.50 and 24-04.25.


Scobey won the boys meet with a total of 211 points. Hinsdale took second place with 97, Lustre was third with 52, Nashua was fourth with 44, Opheim took fifth with 34, Saco was sixth with 21, Dodson was seventh with 20 points, and Whitewater was eighth with 14.

Dodson freshman Michael Jaynes won the triple jump and long jump events with marks at 39-10.50 and 18-01 respectively.

Ty Murphy won the pole vault event by clearing 11-0. Murphy also took third place in high jump by clearing 5-4 despite tweaking his leg during the event.

“When I went up for 5-0 my knee just locked up,” Murphy said. “It’s a little sore now but I think I can get over it.”

Murphy shared what it meant to qualify for divisionals in high jump.

“It feels pretty good,” Murphy said. “There are a lot of good jumpers headed to divisionals, so I will try my best and see where I end up.”

Murphy also qualified for divisionals in shot put with a throw of 32-03.75.

Whitewater sophomore Beau Simonson took second place in shot put with a throw of 40-03.75 and third in discus with a throw of 107-06.

“I didn’t throw very good on my first five throws,” Simonson said of his discus performance. “But the last one, I stopped thinking about it and threw it and it was my best one.”

Saco senior Josh Salveson qualified in pole vault by clearing 10-0 and placing fourth.

Panther teammate Chayten Pippin, a sophomore, qualified in the 400 with a time 59.92. Pippin also took seventh in triple jump with a personal best of 34-04.

Dodson’s Jeramiah Benson took seventh in the 400 with a personal best of 1:00.04.

The Eastern C Divisional will be held in Lambert on Thursday, May 16.

The field events will start at 10 A.M. while the track events will start at 10:45 a.m.

Nineteen schools will be represented in the event.


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