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By Helen Austin
PCN Correspondent 

Whitewater News and Opinion for May 22, 2019


Again we have endured the horrors of school and college shootings. How much longer is it going to take the government to completely abolish assault guns and weapons? We have lost so many of our precious children by guns.

Bruce and Lyn Hill went to Great Falls to visit gamily, and see children play ball last weekend.

Jeanie Green took granddaughter Mya to visit Pat (Ivanovitch) Donick. Pat is Sally Austin’s sister and she lives near Seely Lake, Mont. Pat was a grad of WHS.

Mother’s Day, Whitewater Lutheran Church was full; many relatives were here visiting. An affirmation of Baptism was given to Cora LaBrie. Lunch followed church. After church, there was a marathon at the track in Whitewater.

Hello to Ann, Laurie, and Joe Berg, members of Howard Berg’s family. Howard is the only Berg left in Whitewater.

Laurie Rustad has been in our Whitewater area, calving the cattle north of Whitewater. Lauri is the daughter of Judy and Cliff Rustad, who has been a Phillips County auctioneer for many years. Hello to them.

Whitewater School will soon be out, as most Phillips County school children are looking forward to summer vacation. The school cooks — Cassandra Stensvick and Mrs. Lawless — will have vacation also. The school’s custodians will work all summer. They are Dakota Taylor and Connie Scheffelmaer.

Again, congratulations to the two Whitewater High School graduates/ They are Bella Lawless and Patya Chandarova, our foreign exchange student. She will return to Spain soon. Good luck and God bless to her and all Phillips County graduates who are leaving after graduation.

Again, happy birthday to all may birthdays, including my granddaughter, Sheila Dyck, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Memorial Day is almost here. Don't forget to decorate your family graces. Drive carefully, if you travel anywhere. It is a beautiful day here in Whitewater. Dunbar's horses are grazing on the green hill close to my house. I can also hear the ducks and geese on Whitewater Creek. Spring is great.

Helen A.


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