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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Stuart crosses first @ Malta Color Fun Run


The Color Fun Run featured plenty of fun and color in its third year. The run serves as a yearly fundraiser for the City of Malta Parks and Recreation Department.

This year’s event, which hosted 70 runners, had a new route, a reversed version of last year’s route. This was done in order to bring runners to the Short Oil Road hill earlier in the run instead of near the end.

Nine-year-old Regan Stuart was the first to cross the line of the 20 5K runners, leading the race for a majority of the time. Stuart shared what he thought of the new route.

“It was good and it was tiring,” Stuart said.

This was Stuart’s third year out of three possible times to run in the event. He runs around a trail near his house, but Stuart is especially fond of the Color Run.

“I like the colors,” he said.

At the first station of the race, Stuart led the charge and got nailed by orange powder by the Independence Bank station.

“Some got in my mouth,” Stuart said.

He admitted that it threw his momentum off momentarily, but he harbored no hard feelings as he mentioned that he believed Independence Bank had the best station.

“I liked the streamers on it,” Stuart said.

Runners of the 5K voted on which station they thought was the best decorated and the winner was Phillips County Hospital, who went with a “Rocky Balboa" themed station. The station featured decorations, a tunnel, Billy Conti’s Gonna Fly Now, and Ward “Rocky” VanWichen to help energize the runners along the path.

The Phillips County Hospital station won by only one vote over Independence Bank, who won in 2018.

Steph Denham, CFO of the Phillips County Hospital was the first adult to cross the finish line, followed by Dwight and Cheyenne Score, and Carly Prestwich. Denham gave a special shoutout to Prestwich.

“She ran with us instead of kicking our butt,” Denham said.

Denham felt good about winning the adult race, admitting that it would probably be the only race that she would ever win.

She was asked if there was any animosity felt at the PCH station.

“No, they were rooting for me, because I’m Team Rocky,” Denham said.

What Denham didn’t know is that the station had a special dose of blue powder thrown at her that other runners did not experience.

Denham runs three times a week and is training for a half marathon in Great Falls this August, while Prestwich is training for a half marathon in Missoula scheduled this month.

The duo agreed that they run together spiritually, but not physically.

“It hurts her to run that slow,” Denham said of the idea of Prestwich training with her.

Later that day, Malta’s Brylee French went on to finish the one-mile event first. The one-mile had fifty runners.


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