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By Lori Taylor
P.C. Museum Curator 

Philips County Museum News for June 12, 2019


This week I’ve been thinking about sheep wagons as once again the tourist season is in full swing and we daily open the sheep wagons for all to see.

Sheep wagons were home to many men and even families during the summer months. A herder would keep the sheep in fresh water and grass by moving them a bit each day. The sheep wagon was very practical and efficient.

A very small space provided shelter, heat, storage, food, bed, grain for horses, and a table for eating. Most sheep wagons had a “Dutch door”. This consisted of a top half that could remain open while the bottom half stayed shut. The sheep herder had a lonely and solitary life often not seeing another human for months at a time.

Although history has given the cowboy a romantic image and often looks down on the sheepherders. I say “Hats Off” to the sheepherder who faced the same elements of nature that the cowboy did.

Stop by and see the sheep-wagons at the PC Museum. Hours are Monday – Saturday 10-5.


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